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An Old Draw, like from 2013 of my character Max as Elsword (Knight) and Protogirl as Raven (Taker) of the game Elsworld [D= you dont say!]

I found it and tried to finish it today, yup it tookme like 2 years to complete it...

When i started it was to celebrate that i came in contact with :iconprotogirl: again, and 'cause i was trying to start drawing again.

Happy with the result, it felt like elsworld style was, somewhat, compatible with mine ( or something like that, its hard to describe more in english that isn't my native lenguage)

But i started with college again and those stuff, i started to work and those stuff and more and more stuff was acumulating.

Now im struggling with stuff in my head and i cant scape from them.

but for a moment, when i saw this unfinish draw ( only had protoraven in it) i remember how happy was i with it and tried to finish it.

It was hard, REALY HARD (specially the sword that i still know that is bad), but i liked.

It felt good.

=D and im here telling it to people that might not even read this, if you did it thanks for your time.

Max Hiromeshi © :iconmax-hiromeshi:
Protogirl © :iconprotogirl:

Elsword & Raven © Elsword
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Thank you Max kun! *hugs* I never knew you actually finish it! Saves. >3<
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=P i finish it only a bit ago, it was stored with my things of first year.

Actually thank you :hug: !

im glad that you liked it = )