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Here's the female base alone for those who don't have the programs for the original file. 
File comes with: 
*Male base
*Close ups of the 
tail, mouth, and eyes
*Color layers
-Please give credit when posting
-Do NOT remove my name off this base
-I ask you kindly not to alter the linework please!
You may use this for:
+Your fursona 

can't wait to see the critters that come from this!
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Used here!

Blu🐝 on Toyhouse

linked under base back here

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Ello! I just wanted to comment real quick and say- I'm actually glad I found you, I was browsing bases and stumbled here at random. I recognized the base, (From two babs I've gotten recently) And went to check to make sure credit wise, and it turns out you were never linked for base credit on either of their Never noticed that until now when I went to look, but you'll be happy to know I've now updated them both to link you as base credit! Just figured I'd share this lil bit, (And the kiddos) Hope you're well, and stay safe!

The babs:

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Used : 3 thank you very much

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Same as SensualDog, would it be ok if I edited the lineart a little bit and include a list of what was edited in the description? I’ll just be adding some fluf on the top of his head to match my character sense h has bangs over his eyes. Here’s a link:

I’ll credit you and everything of course, it’s just this base is absolutely perfect for him and I’d love to use it

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Would I be able to alter the linework if I made it clear which parts were altered, and included a link to the original, unaltered base in the description? I would love to use this base for some of my characters but I wouldn't be able to do that without making some changes, but I also want to make sure you get the deserved credit for the base you created.

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So we cant alter the lines at all? or are there exceptions?

I was wanting to use this for a character with floppy ears and an X for their left eye. and this base has the perfect build~

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Do you do adopts
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