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Snoopy and Charlie Brown

A post-apocalyptic take on Snoopy and Charlie for sketch_dailies on Twitter


So shortly after posting this on twitter, I was made aware of a comic by Jason Yungbluth, called "Weapon Brown" It's actually about a post apocalyptic Charlie Brown and Snoopy! It looks really good, so anyone looking for more of this type of thing, should look that up at:…
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hey just wanted to let you know my dad absolutely loves this picture and even asked me to draw a pic inspired by it of charlie brown kneeling at snoopy's grave (our dog recently passed). amazing work!!
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Oh awesome! Thanks so much for letting me know!
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good job on survivor !
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His record of posts on directed me here!  This looks fantastic!
Max-Dunbar's avatar
Very cool that he posted about it. Seems like a super nice guy. Glad you like it!
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if ever you in need for a colorist i hope you think of me because this was so brilliant i just had to color it.…

i was also commissioned to color this cover by you.…
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man this is so cool. i'd love to paint something like that up.
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Feel free to colour/paint it if you'd like! Glad you dig it
xWaxWingx's avatar
Cool thanks man! I'll send it to you if I do.
Raziel-The-Corpse's avatar
My childhood just got belted upside the head with this picture and I thank you for it, I love it!
Max-Dunbar's avatar
Haha Thanks! Glad you like it
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You know, I have been getting a lot of orders for my book this week. I was scratching my monkey dome trying to figure out why… I think it's YOU!

Now why the hell doesn't my own DA page generate this kind of traffic for me?? Anyway, I saw the color version of this on Facebook. Looks awesome!

(If I may whore myself one more inch, please do check out to see what Max's implied story might look like in another artist's hands!)
Max-Dunbar's avatar
Oh man, that would be very cool if that were the case!

I added a link to the page as well in the description.
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Too cool. The football in the backpack is a nice touch.
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Death-Ray-Graphics's avatar
Nice art! Great minds appropriate alike!
Max-Dunbar's avatar
Hey thanks so much man! Everyone has been telling me I have to read Weapon Brown, it looks absolutely fantastic.
SamwiseTheAwesome's avatar
I would LOVE to see your take on the rest of the crew
Max-Dunbar's avatar
Don't know if that will happen, but glad you dig it!
UnstableReactor's avatar
Good grief! How badly did Charlie Brown mess up last Christmas to bring this about? Or was it another February without any valentines? XD
Regardless, this is hilarious and imaginative, and the added realism to such cartoony characters has a very surreal feeling to it.
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Thank you! Glad you like it
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