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Red Sonja Colours

Some quick colours thrown on, because colouring is fun!
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jonwassing's avatar
Now THIS is what Red Sonja should look like!

Couldn’t agree more

TheWaveBlaster's avatar
This looks so much better.
Rallyguy33's avatar
Always love seeing Sonja art. Great job with this one.
BlackVulmea's avatar
Proving Red Sonja is just as awesome even in more sensible armor.
AndresCuccaro's avatar
This is just the best. The best Red Sonja redesign by far. Awesome work!
Cromwell300's avatar
I like this version of Red Sonja more than the bikini armor version
Verysuperawsumdood's avatar
What is this? Do my eyes deceive me? A reasonably clothed red Sonja? +Fave
Max-Dunbar's avatar
Glad you dig it! Thanks!
Verysuperawsumdood's avatar
SamwiseTheAwesome's avatar
The armor looks great! Fantasy women have always needed more protection
Max-Dunbar's avatar
Thanks! Yeah, I've never really understood the whole skimpy armour thing myself.
tomblood's avatar
now that's a good interpretation of red sonja!
Max-Dunbar's avatar
Hey glad you like it!
Realmwright's avatar
Hey lookit! Actual armor. What a crazy idea to dress for battle in something that affords protection of vital bits.
Max-Dunbar's avatar
Haha. Well, just wanted to try something a little more covered. I think her current costume is pretty classic!
stratomunchkin's avatar
Red Sonja, Conan... I always love them the most when they aren't in those ridiculously skimpy outfits. Well done, Max. Well done. :)
Max-Dunbar's avatar
I do have concerns for their safety at times, for sure.

Glad you like it!
NJValente's avatar
Very cool, I need to start throwing some quick colors on my work. This is killer! 
Max-Dunbar's avatar
Thanks man. I love colouring (when the mood strikes) but man, do I ever respect colorists. Its so hard to do.
NJValente's avatar
Yeah tell me about it. They deserve a lot of credit. 
Max-Dunbar's avatar
Inkers and Colorists never get the credit they deserve unfortunately. I hope that's changing a little, they can make or break a book
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