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DnD Idle Champions Avernus Skins

Last year I was asked to design some skins for the D&D game, Idle Champions.
The task was to dress up the Heroes of Baldur's Gate characters (Minsc, Boo, Delina, Krydle, Shandie and Nerys) in Avernus (Hell) themed clothes and gear. 

Tons of fun, and now the skins are available in game.
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When why did feminist and sjws have to ruin fantasy so hard, Every character is the same ugly looking "strong wyman" marie sue who looks, talks and dresses like a dude.

Where did all the fun and creativity go.

I play games to get away form the real world, not to get "progressive" propaganda shoved in my face constantly.

It's called escapism for a reason after all

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Hey, sorry to hear you don't care for my stuff, hope you find an artist whose work you like better!

Thanks for checking it out, regardless.

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Those are some very cool designs that they got. :D

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Love the Minsc and Boo one. Especially Boo's little Helmet.

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What fantastically cool work you did here! The characters are unmistakable and yet taken in a great new direction!
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Great characters lineup and detailings!

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Big like on this crew!

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