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31 Evil Dungeons and Dragons Characters- COLOR

Final, final post of all these baddies from last year's Inktober. It was the first time I managed to finish an Inktober challenge, and the support I got along the way was 90% of the reason. Really appreciate everyone who has taken an interest, or checks it out now!

If anyone wants prints of this, they are available here:
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Going to ask a dumb question. Are these characters named?
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Not a dumb question at all! 

Officially no! People can use them in their own games and name them if they'd like! 
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love what you've put out in your DnD stuff! Glad you took up that challenge!  Have you ever done (or considered doing) the old animated characters in your style, either as the kids they were or all grown up...? 
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Thank you! I'm not super familiar with the D&D cartoon actually, but that could be a fun thing to do for sure! You never know!

Thanks for checking out my stuff!
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I enjoyed watching it growing up. In fact I think the concept lends itself well to a YA/ GoT type adaptation, that could be successful In today’s market. Even if you don’t get a chance to check out the series, I think the intro to the show does a good job summarizing the concept and the characters well enough to get the gist. Just the possibility of potentially seeing you draw those characters has me giddy...! :excited:
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I can be here all day and still have not finished looking at every detail in this amazing piece !
You are amazing !
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It's great to see them all together side by side!
Brilliant drawing!
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Holy snackbeans, that is some dedication! Which is exceeded by the quality. Hooo wow, mind blown!
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Oh this is so freaking cool.  I need more monitors 
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Looking at this it looks like it comes from a legit D&D based marvel comic.

Love it!
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That is pretty sweet.  Is it one complete picture or three separate compiled ones or 31 different ones laid on on a common background?
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Thanks! It is 3 separate images (divided at the black edge)
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So. Good.

er, evil.
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