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July 17, 2007
The tent card shape and 3/4s profile angle make Folder iconset by ~Mawz striking and unique. Leave the old-school manilla folder look aside, and perch these on your dock for a fresh, stylish update.
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Mawz's avatar

Folder iconset

I know the don't look like your regular folder, is more like an "abstract" folder :p

As always, simple, glossy, reflective...

this iconset contains 6 icons for:

-desktop folder
-favorites folder
-movies folder
-music folder
-Pictures folder
-applicatios folder
-generic folder (not shown in picture)

It's a .zip file containing the .icns files, the .ico files, and the .png files

comments are more than welcome, and again if your downloading them, i'd appreciate if you :+fav:

© 2007 - 2021 Mawz
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reper63ru's avatar
Отличный набор. Спасибо!!!
darkowl85's avatar
Nice. Thank You
AnyangoStar's avatar
that is a deviation frm the normal folders i have damn good. thnx
TheParadox2's avatar
Hey, these are nice, but it looks like the top is "too shiny" or white.

i love them and use them thou.
meriant's avatar
these are very good :) thanks for sharing
Mawz's avatar
you are very welcome :D
newclearfuzzy's avatar
nice work :)

I like neat stuff like this
Mawz's avatar
Yay! thanks!! im glad you like it!
Mawz's avatar
Thanks!, glad you like it!
im really proud of u!!! great work :) [link]
Mawz's avatar
Thanks! affection to you too
bunniesr4eva's avatar
very cute!! i love the "photo" one..=P
Mawz's avatar
Hey thanks so much!! glad you like them n_n
CELLULE's avatar
Hé! look at this [link]
Mawz's avatar
Hey thanks for the heads up on that!
Giver's avatar
Oh wow, that's so beautiful. I already have it on my desktop it's so beautiful. *lol*
Mawz's avatar
Hey Thanks so much!! is good to know ppl actually use them n_n
Giver's avatar
You're welcome! *lol* I don't think you'll have any worries about that. They look amazing: [link]
Mawz's avatar
They look great on your desktop!! Spike Spiegel Wallpaper huh? that's what you call good taste! n_n
Giver's avatar
Haha, thanks. Cowboy Bebop rocks. ^ ~
porkporkpork's avatar
refreshing shape! i'm gonna download this. thanks for your generosity!
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