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Little Muslim Girl

By mawi--bule
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This spontaneous photo was taken on Bali's neighbour island Lombok.
During visiting a muslim junior-highschool in Narmada I met this beautiful-smiling little girl.

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Beautiful ❤
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Rthe most cutest burrito in the world!
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So evil terrorist.......uncle sam
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She is so cute you just want to pinch and kiss her little cheeks
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too cute for words
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What a pretty, happy little girl! :D
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Hahaha oh dear that made me smile all over my face xD
what a wonderful smile!
I'm glad you managed to capture that moment <3
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Aw, look at the cheeks!
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I thought that this girl was indonesian before reading your comment, and i was right !!
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Wonderful photograph :) that was indeed a great timing
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This picture was taken 5 years ago, shes probably blown herself up by now
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What a cowardly thing to say. Who are you to think as such about people. please stop judging the whole islam society on what a few extremists do.
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They are not extremists. They are simply doing what the quran tells them to do, to kill or convert every non muslim.
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Who told you that. The quran does NOT tell that.
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dear please DON't say such things!It really makes me cry!because Quran doent tells us(muslims(were usuall people as u!not terrorists!))to help everyone and protect each other not to kill or just harm!if u have quastions ill try to answer.InahaLlah)^____^
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Maşallah :)
She is so sweet :)
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