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Rogue wave
Flicker sat silently in her cave as seaweed danced in front of her. She could feel the currents brush against her face. It was growing dark already, and Flicker could see the rippled outline of the sun growing low. It was wintertime, and the water was constantly cold. even in the rare moments of noon, where the sun could just barely heat the water at the very surface. a shiver went down Flicker's spine as she could see a school of barracudas swimming by her comfy den.

The next day, Flicker stretched her back as she emerged from her cave, the ruined buildings from some forgotten civilization frozen in time surrounding her. Divers rarely ventured here. not because of the depth, but because of the dangerous animals that surrounded the area. So Flicker was as safe as she could be. Usually, anyway.

She decided to venture out into the darkest part of her boundary. close to the edge, but not close enough to drain her. she watched the crabs scuttling about as she felt something wash over. her. she quickly swan to the surface, and saw a ripple growing larger. her eyes widened as the ripple grew into a gigantic wave. Flicker felt a jolt of fear as she tried to dive back to the safety of her cave, but it was too late. he gigantic breaker crashed over her as she was swept up in the foam and water.she tumbled about until finally the water settled. she swam back to her cave and fell asleep. this was too much of a day for Flicker.
a quick story about Flicker's encounter with a rogue wave!
Base Score: 5 AP (Writing: 267 words)
+5 AP (Personal Work Bonus)
Total AP per submission: 10
Base Score: 2.5 GP (Writing: 267 words)
Total GP per submission: 2.5
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December 18, 2018


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