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Miranda Glorified
I need more patrons to pledge to the OBSERVERS tier - Every month I'm inviting 10 of them to send me their request for an illustration that includes a popular character from our culture - but to be more precize - characters from comics, games , TV shows and even the ANIME flicks /drawn my style/. The new observers would infuse some more fresh content and ideas to the universe of popular characters we have. You can check my quality on my hentai foundry profile or on twitter, where I'm posting some of my works in there too :…

Make sure to follow me on twitter too guys ! /winky face with demonic smile and satanic fangs showing out - whatever that means.
So... come along :
A request for a patron from OBSERVERS tier. I'm looking for more patrons to pledge for that tier : OBSERVERS. Why ?
Not because I want the cash to spend it on pizza and games - but also every each month 10 OBSERVERS have the chance to request a drawing from me !
The OBSERVERS are not just people who pledge $10 for me- those are guys who share ideas with me - and they are showing me worlds I never knew before.
From recent times I'm drawing ANIME girls /my style, I cannot draw MANGA as you can see/so if you're okay with that - then we're cool !
Those guys who get their thing are going into a cooling list and thus giving a chance for the others to get a drawing ! Ain't that cool ? It is cool for sure !
Well - I got even a coolest thing to say : the guys who get into the "cooling" list have the opportunity to commission me on my very, very sexy pricing ! $10 per character ! (actually the sexy pricing for commissions is for everyone who chooses to become a patron of mine).
Now - check the quality of the illustration - check you wallet. Then check what I offer again- and say - Ain't that cool ?!
The only condition is the character you want to see to be famous or popular.
Note: I no longer draw from reference /existing people or celebrities/ and definitely I don't do original characters of other guys anymore. 
So guys if you're into : comics, games, TV shows or even ANIME - you can come and check how I do these on my hentai foundry profile : mavruda, or on my twitter, where I put from time to time stuff of my own. , (…)
Let's say some stuff about original content : I said I will not be drawing the original characters that belong to other guys, but I will definitely be drawing stuff I made on my own.
Recently I'm creating my own stories and I generate stuff that seems to be interesting to my existing patrons or fans on the sites where I present.

Right now - and at THIS current moment I'm having very intriguing story called "A spooky Halloween" - featuring a group of three young people who walks through the cemetary during the Halloween's eve. I already posted a few pages from this story in here :…

The guys who want to see the current comics should choos the "WATCHERS" tier on my patreon, while "OBSERVERS" now are able to demand to get issues from previous months / 1 issue at a time/per month. Right now I also "revived" the "Mavis's Renaissance " gallery inside my patreon - which should contain illustrations based on my own ideas - not a commissions or requests.

So come on over :

If you become patron don't forget to comment - say "hi" and share your interests with me.

NOTE : All the comics I show inside my patreon are for adults !  You can see the previous comics I drew :…

Or the previous months issues  Here too :…

Before you decide to pledge: , or commission me :… - you might want to check my list of "donts" - I have my limitations on stuff I'd draw :…
Detaining a thief
A recent commissioned drawing.

Every month I'm inviting 10 of my top tiers (guys who pledge $10 on my patreon) to send me their requests and I draw a thing for them. The request must include a popular character - a heroine from comics, games or movies in action / by your choice/. Smiley - the nickname of the guy currently is dominating over the rest of my patrons - since he's commissioning me to draw mostly comic characters from DC or Marvel, but there's a new wave of guys who introduced me with the anime. As you can guess I cannot draw manga, but the characters will be drawn my style.

If you wish to contribute to my cause you can find me on : -  

Anyways - Smiley sent us the following story :

Batman was never able to catch Catwoman in the act because of how quickly she's in and out of the houses she robs. When Selina tries to rob Zatanna's house, however, Zatanna finds a way to keep Selina captive until Batman arrives.

Zatanna and Selina - from DC ! :D

P.S. This is somehow important - check the list of stuff I prefer not to draw before making any steps further :… - this will save us a lot of time and nerves.
Spooky Halloween page 4
Happy Halloween all of you ! 
The comic is still under development - and will have 30 pages. So far I made up to 9 pages of it /21 more left to be made/ and those can be seen if you choose the WATCHERS tier on my :

Previous page :…
Spooky Halloween page 3
There will be 30 pages as it reads. So far I made up to page 9, but due to their adult nature, I cannot show them outside.
The guys who choose the WATCHERS tier on my patreon will be able to see them all - as soon as they are finished ! :-)

Next Page :…
Previous page :…
Hello I'm Davis - I'm open for commissions. 

Since my major income client broke their connections with me I'm in a need of clients and supporters. I draw both: NSFW and SFW illustrations. So guys - please don't bother to ask me to draw for free.
My current preferences are with the SFW works, but I will not turn down NSFW works as well.
My pricing is as follows : /prices are for illustrations and pinups only/

Pricing by mavruda 

Samples of works : 

I'm okay to draw portraits of real people as superheroes or whatever.
I'm not okay to draw real people with normal life having sex.
I'm not drawing children.

Vala Mal Doran by mavruda  


  Wednesday by mavruda   Gwen pool by mavruda 

Mature Content

High Five /Open for commissions/ by mavruda
   Galaxy Hearts by mavruda Happy New Year by mavruda Ryuko by mavruda 

For obvious reasons I cannot show any NSFW samples so you will just have to visit my website and look from there - navigate with arrows - whatever - copy paste name of my NSFW page  in case you wish to see the stuff in there -

Aside from doing commissions - I'm "specializing" in drawing popular characters from comics, games, and movies. The people who would choose to become my patrons at - are able to commission me with my better pricing - but that will be valid if they want a commission that fits into those three categories mentioned. - I am working on my own original comic strips in there.

PM me/mail me  for inquiries about commissions only.


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Patreon Mavis by mavruda
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