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EDIT: Print files for three pictures are now available!  I hope to help at least a little bit with this... thank you for being awesome!

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Hello my dear watchers and friends,

this time I am again coming to you and ask for help for a dear friend of mine, who has had enough bad luck in the past weeks. Not only did her relationship end and left her with a lot money less, also her beloved dog now has cancer and the vet bills are high but need to be paid. Her cute little pup will not be cured but she can live on without pain until she must be laid to rest one day - of course this costs a lot of money. And all this happened pretty much at the same time!

I asked her if I may send her money, as she has helped me out in the past as well, when things were not going that well for me. But then it happened that a bag of mine got stolen right in front of my own door (you might have read the previous journal entry of mine about that: Wishing everone a great weekend!) and my calculations for November got messed up and I do not have any spare money now as I need to rebuy two christmas gifts for my son.

I still want to help her though. So my idea is that I will do esomthing again which I have done last year already (for my own vet bills if I am right? I cannot remember...!): I offer a print file of one of my pictures here for a small amount of money and everything which will come together will be sent right towards her via paypal. 

What can you do with a print file? Well, yeah... you can get a print done of it. Actually it basically means that the file has a high resolution and adjusted colors for a digital print (unlike the web versions) and if you send it to some online printing service for example, they can produce a nice poster with it... or whatever printing product you would like to have! From my own experience, this is mostly a lot cheaper than ordering it from DeviantArt directly but in case, anyone wants a DeviantArt print instead of a print file for own production, please contact me and I am sure we can figure something out!

So what I will do right after writing this journal, is to set up a poll where I offer a few options for pictures and you can vote on your favorite one (one would would actually buy maybe). I can also offer more than one picture, if you like.

Until I have the poll ready, here is the link to the original journal of my friend, in case you want to read the whole story:Saying goodbye isn't easy, so please help me?

You find the poll right underneath this journal on my front page.

If you want, you can also promote this by sharing this journal to help to reach more people! :heart:

Thank you very much for reading and considering! :heart:

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I wish I could help as well~ I think what you're doing is wonderful. I'll share this journal, my dear :heart: