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Old legends say, that his kind was born, when a wild elven child drowned in the deep and dangerous rivers of the dark woods. It is said that this elven boy embraced the water in the moment of death and that this was the very moment of this mystic races birth.

"Marimos" real name is actually Yriliz but when he once got very close to a village near the deep woods of the country, a young girl saw him, swimming in the river. His green colors reminded her to the marimos which she had at home and instead of being afraid, she walked up to him, calling him "Marimo".

Yriliz´ species is called "duin gwaith" which actually means something like "river people" and they usually stay inside the protective woods, far away from civilization. Actually, they have a culture of their own and also, their kind is sacred for the wild elves that can also be found in the forests. River people can hardly be seen and while the wild elves believe that it brings luck to see one of them, the more "civilized" cultures believe, that having an encounter with this rare species will bring you nightmares only in every night for the next four years. This might actually come from the fact, that the river people usually do not wear any clothing at all which is something that most cultures are not used to and even call this fact "barbaric".


DAZ Studio 4.6 render, character is my own. Hair was painted with Photoshop.

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The Shimmering Stranger by Mavrosh
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