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A little tribute to the wonderful and interesting Maormer race in the Elder Scrolls lore. After I just encountered this race of tropical water elves in the Online game, I just had to make one for myself as well! He is a captain but obviously he is enjoying his free time here.

Maormer have colorless skin and so does he - which has the effect that his skin picks up the surrounding lights as you can see. He looks so golden here but he is really not. Also they are described as having white solid eyes with a blank stare that makes other races feel uncomfortable - I think, I succeeded with that. :)

DAZ Studio render with PHotoshop postwork (droplets). Thank you very much for looking! The Maormer and the Elder Sscrolls have been developed by Bethesda Softworks.
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Damn, how did you make this? Absolutely gorgeous work.

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Pouty lips... arrogant smirk... Mr. Clean Crome Dome... so dangerous... to a girls knickers that is 🤣
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He is really a well defined character. Great muscle features, and an excellent job
on his arms and hands.
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Thank you very much! :)
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Maormer have always reminded me of better-looking Falmer. He looks shiny and hella sexy :hooray: :hooray: 
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He is very awesome! Love the scars and the tattoo's. He is yummy! :D (Big Grin) Love +fav :happybounce: 
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Wow, he is so exotic!  I like him!  And the ink on his chest!
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He looks so very interesting :nod:
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You're welcome :nod:
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He is very special. A beautiful blend of the unusual/disturbing with beauty. You have delightful skill at creating such complex and gorgeous characters!
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Thank you so very much! I loved the Maormer since I saw them for the first time! :love:
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is a nice scene mav! :D :D great
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Thank you so much! :heart:
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Great image! I've seen a lot of interpretation of Maormer, but this one is likely the most... Natural I guess is the word :) I especially like the tattoos, gives him a bit of a pirate feel :D
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Thank you so much! :)
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I find the Maormer very intriguing as well, and this is a great depiction.
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Once more a success ! :la:
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Aww, thank you! :)
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Oh wow, this is incredible!!! Amazing work! He looks real, and the lighting only enhances that effect!
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