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So I made a Dremora character and illustrated him.
It was quite some fun!
Now I want to mod a playable character like him into my Skyrim game, hahaha.... we will see if I am still able to do stuff like this. :)

Thank you very much for looking!

DAZ Studio Iray render with some Photoshop postwork.

Curiosity by Mavrosh
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Beautiful character, he looks like he should be holding a cat-o-nine tails.

There are numerous playable dremora mods available. If you are playing original Skyrim on a PC, then I suggest a mod called "Dremora" on Skyrim Nexus - it offers a good number of customization options.
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What a handsome fellow, and I love his outfit! :heart:
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Thank you my dear! :)
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Ya ya new character !

*dances the new character shuffle* 
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As a Dremora fan, I'm real happy to see such a nice artwork featuring a sexy Dremora!
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Wow *_* Im just like...hoooooow did u do this?
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Aww thank you! :)
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He looks absolutely stunning!!! :love:
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This is incredible, Mavrosh! And it looks a bit like Michael Wincott (Top Dollar from The Crow) which is weirdly cool since Chanteur-de-Vent and I had just been discussing him. :)
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Thank you! As I never know any names, I just googled this guy and recognized him... yup, hahaha, this was not intended though. :)
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Black suits him... Cute isn't a good choice of word for this kind of guy, no ? He's hot like hell ! That's better... owwww ! Atomic Cock 
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Haha, thank you! Nah, "cute" just does not do it... :D
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Such a beautiful character. Hope we get to see more of him.
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I am sure we will. Thank you!
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You're welcome!
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This is beautiful. He sends shivers down my spine ;P 
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