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Mavrosh Stratiotis, fantasy and sci-fi illustrator, female, one child.

Preferred medium: Digital mixed media. Loves texture work, character creation, lighting 3D scenes and painting digitally. Has her origins within the traditional arts actually.

Artwork: Fantasy and science-fiction illustration, focussed on MALE characters since there is so many good people out there that focus on female characters. Erotic work can be found as well as violent work, so in case this is intimidating in what way ever for anyone - simply don´t look.

Also... Developed love for photography. :-)

Could not resist making this one even though I have no idea if anyone still reads those... 😸 :bulletblack: FULL NAME: Sahi Astai'uhad. :bulletblack: MEANING: "Unseen, son of Astai". :bulletblack: NICKNAME: Sahi. :bulletblack: ACTUAL AGE: 176 years.. :bulletblack: RESIDENCE: The Nyxad. :bulletblack: AGE APPEARANCE: I am so bad with guessing people... :bulletblack: SPECIES: Dai'mar. :bulletblack: GENDER: Male. :bulletblack: SEXUAL PREFERANCE: Hetero. :bulletblack: MARITAL STATUS: Single. :bulletblack: KIDS: None. :bulletblack: OCCUPATION: Military Neravhar. APPEARANCE :bulletblack: HAIR COLOR: Blue-black. :bulletblack: HAIR STYLE AND LENGTH: Shaved sides, the rest down to the middle of his back. :bulletblack: EYES COLOR: Green. :bulletblack: HEIGHT: About 1,87 m. :bulletblack: ABNORMALITIES: None visible (at least for his species), extraordinairy biotic talent (Neravhar), some internal cybernetics. :bulletblack: DISTINGUISHING MARKS (SCARS,MOLES
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Hello! Today I logged into this account after being gone for such a long time... I am so sorry I have abandoned this place. To be honest, I just scrolled through private messages and posts, also comments and I feel so bad because I never, seriously, I never expected to be missed this much and I am very sorry that some of you worried about me. The thing is, that the last three years or so have been quite a mess, to be honest. A real mess, health-wise. It had gone downhill, then uphill again and all in all it was a struggle and still is at some points. But I am on it. I am still there and regarding everything which had been going on, I am doing good. I plan to log in here on a regular base again as I remember very very good times here on DA, which gave me lots of energy. I missed this place. I missed many people here. I just had no spare energy and I know, I should have come here at least once to communicate that. I deeply apologize. Artwise... there is nothing I could share at
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Thank you!

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I just got a DD and I am blown away. :love:
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Hope you and yours are doing well. *hugs* Stay safe! :D

Hope you're doing well. -hugs-

Does anyone know if Mavrosh is okay? Between the last image uploaded to the gallery, the pandemic and the long absence, I'm genuinely concerned.

Ah, I think the only thing I can think of doing would be to ask her friend Siobhan68, however I'm not sure if that would be considered rude/impolite or not.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is my favorite video game. I, myself, actually look like a Breton.

-big hugs-

I haven't seen you on all year. I was just hoping you were doing okay. I've followed your work for years (though I started on a different account that this one) and I know that sometimes you get hit with health problems.

Just wanted to check in. Wishing you all the best. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays.

Hopefully we'll see you sometime this next year. Until then I hope you are doing well.

Happy Birthday, sorry about the clone trooper birthday cake, the fangirls hijacked it!