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'As Told By Heather'

This is a funny drawing I did of Heather form Silent Hill 3 . I drew her in the style of "As Told By Ginger" I dunno how many of you heard of that show or seen it, but I worked on the last season of it and drew Heather in the style (don't worry Nickelodeon, I never used her in the show!)
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Here we find a distant cousin to the simpsons...for as you can see...her mouth is located where her chin should be...
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do u take requests?
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Not really, sorry :/
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OMG this is amazing, ATBG and Silent hill so badass she looks so cute, XD , may I ask you which characters from ATBG did you do the designs for? absolutely love the designs and the show XD :P I've been drawing a lot of them recently, will upload some soon :D
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Thank you very much! Actually I worked on all the characters ranging from the main ones all the way to incidental ones just in the background. Not just me but this applied to all 5 of us. We all got to draw the main characters usually costume changes or sometimes key poses that we really wanted the animators to get right.
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Thank you, you are so talented, love your work, would you be able to draw some more ATBG stuff? you draw them so well hehe :D
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I probably can but I'm not really into drawing in that style. It was a job and if I don't have to I'd prefer not to
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 Thats ok, I understand, I'm more into drawing cartoons, than realistic stuff, I'm gonna recommend your art work to my brother as he loves Monsters and yours are so amazing looking and really detailed best I've seen on here :)
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You worked on that show? That's really unexpected considering your other art...:lol:
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It's how I made a living, allowing me to draw my own stuff on the side for myself :)
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understandable. I'll be lucky to make money on a project I LOVED. But you work your way up, like most things. It's certainly better than retail! :P
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I remember that show!
Gosh... I always wondered what happened to it...
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It was created to have an ending. I worked on the final season
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You did? Dang, that's cool.
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I cant help but notice how ur gallery looks like something out of the original "Thing" movie or stuff that would make even the "Thing" piss itself in fright. Idk.. the original Thing was f'ed up as hell and most disturbing movie ever (thats still watchable) so maybe part of that movie

my point is i find it funny how u got all that Thing disturbing creepy pics and then theres a As Told by Ginger pic in the middle of it lol but nice job on this
Ahh... as much as I enjoyed ATBG when I was 13- I would have enjoyed it so much more
if it were like this. With your monsters and all! Heather looks awesome...
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I would love it if this were some sort of unlockable bonus level...
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and Macy Grey is singing "you're not here" instead of Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. XD
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O GAWD ... I hated that show..but I fucking love heather...these 2 dont mix :iconwtfboomplz:
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Wow Cool Game And Great Cartoon
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