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My Bio
I am a writer of fantasy and sci-fi fiction, and I began my creative endeavors through elaborate imaginative storytelling through my childhood, often going far beyond the pretend play I did with my friends to fill in lore and setting details in my mind. When I discovered sprite comics at the turn of the century, I tried my hand at making them for years. Around the same time, I discovered the world of forum-based role play over at My love of storytelling clicked in high school, and from there, I graduated from Stevenson University with a BA in English Language and Literature, and it is where I also published a few short stories and poems.

Currently, I work as a tutor at a college, as well as a substitue teacher. During my free time, I enjoy running and roleplaying on, setting up creative worlds for RPG game night with my friends, and developing characters and settings to be used in various projects.

My current project is "Dreams of Imagining." It is a sprawling narrative featuring a myriad of characters, locations, and storylines made up from a lifetime of creativity. Starting off as the tale of a single Knight, Dreams of Imagining branches off in many different directions, based on the desires of the readers who give me their feedback.

Favourite Visual Artist
Ryan Jampole
Favourite Movies
Too many to list!
Favourite TV Shows
Reboot, DC-Animated Universe, The Walking Dead
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Queen, Michael Jackson
Favourite Books
It's hard to choose
Favourite Writers
Tracey Yardley!
Favourite Games
Mega Man, Dark Souls
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Tools of the Trade
Microsoft Word, Scrivener
Other Interests
Writing, reading, any type of literature, video games
I'm leaving this Deviantar Account. I'm not going to delete it or anything, but if you want to get in contact with me, check my discord Mavrickindigo #6202 or, you can check out my alternate deviantart account, if you know what that is.
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End of a Dream

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I started "Dreams of Imagining" when I was attending a writing group. Disillusioned with the process of writing a novel, creating a character I had no interest in, I decided to write a short story about a then-current Pathfinder character of mine, Salome. The way the ideas just flowed from my fingertips made me realize I loved writing shorter works that connect together, instead of trying to piece together a whole that wouldn't be consumed for years. Growing up in the rp community, I grew accustomed to instant gratification as it were, and my time at the group made me realize that was the kind of writing I liked to do. That feedback I got fro
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I mentioned this in the forum earlier, but the design of Android 21 is quite reminicent of Veshra Ashran, my own character. I chalked it up to being similar tastes in character design for a crazy, wild, and attractive female (those where the ideas I was going for when I designed her). They cover the same kind of beats--odd skin color, wild hair, long pointed tail. But I took it as a coincedence and nothing more. Now, I've beaten the first two story arcs of the game and it seems that Android 21 might have been a scientist who did experiments on herself and turned into something nonhuman, which, in some cases, (currently NOT the case for Dream
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If you ever read this, happy birthday!
Thnx for the watch!
Thnx for the watch!
Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Happy birthday!!!Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D
Have a Happy Birthday today! :D