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One Thousand Word Stories for 1000 Points.
I am offering to write short stories at the rate of 1 point per word, with the usual length of 1000 words. I can do shorter and longer works, but if you come in through this widget, expect 1000 words for your 1000 points.

I like to write fantasy fiction, but I like the challenge of other genres as well. My greatest joy is finding characters and stories that are interesting to tackle and fun to write. I reserve the right to refuse any commission that I find unacceptable.  I will update anything I will not do as I come across it.

Things I would love to do:
Fanfictions in the fandoms I am in (Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, others.)
Stories in the fantasy genre.
Stories about intriguing character interaction

Don't ask for a commission from me if you're looking for:
Canon characters acting grossly out of character
A fetish story badly disguised as something innocent.


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United States
I am a writer of fantasy and sci-fi fiction, and I began my creative endeavors through elaborate imaginative storytelling through my childhood, often going far beyond the pretend play I did with my friends to fill in lore and setting details in my mind. When I discovered sprite comics at the turn of the century, I tried my hand at making them for years. Around the same time, I discovered the world of forum-based role play over at My love of storytelling clicked in high school, and from there, I graduated from Stevenson University with a BA in English Language and Literature, and it is where I also published a few short stories and poems.

Currently, I work as a tutor at a college, as well as a substitue teacher. During my free time, I enjoy running and roleplaying on, setting up creative worlds for RPG game night with my friends, and developing characters and settings to be used in various projects.

My current project is "Dreams of Imagining." It is a sprawling narrative featuring a myriad of characters, locations, and storylines made up from a lifetime of creativity. Starting off as the tale of a single Knight, Dreams of Imagining branches off in many different directions, based on the desires of the readers who give me their feedback.

Leontis's Story Has Come Full Cirle: What's Next? 

3 deviants said The next stage of the battle
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I started "Dreams of Imagining" when I was attending a writing group. Disillusioned with the process of writing a novel, creating a character I had no interest in, I decided to write a short story about a then-current Pathfinder character of mine, Salome. The way the ideas just flowed from my fingertips made me realize I loved writing shorter works that connect together, instead of trying to piece together a whole that wouldn't be consumed for years. Growing up in the rp community, I grew accustomed to instant gratification as it were, and my time at the group made me realize that was the kind of writing I liked to do. That feedback I got from them as I worked on new chapters made me appreciate how much human interaction is in the story process.

It was then I sprung upon an idea: I would make a series of short stories, all interconnected, and what I'd post of them is what people told me they wanted to see. That's what started the idea of using polls to tell the story, but I knew that if I wanted to do this indefinitely, I needed to make it more than a hobby--after all, I've spent years writing these characters happily in personal rps and the like--I had to make it a business.

So, I decided to make a patreon and start it up one year after beginning "Dreams of Imagining." As the year approached, I was concerned. I had never done a patreon before. How would I make it work? Well, the month it started came and went, and no one offered a single dollar. Maybe it was mostly my fault, but I was left with something that cost me money to maintain a deviantart core membership with no end in sight, just a bunch of plots that, while I like, weren't really going anywhere.

I'm not giving up writing. I love devising plots and I love making characters. I just don't do it on HERE as much anymore. So, I'm going to post what I have lying around in a normal schedule and let it ride off into the sunset, so I don't have to worry about the failed project and keeping it going out of some sense of obligation.

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Interesting new avatar. It's pretty.
Fri Sep 1, 2017, 11:19 AM
Hiya! Do you have any favorite horror monsters? IMine our Werewolves. Did I ask that already? I don't remember.
Mon Jul 3, 2017, 1:45 PM
Wed Feb 8, 2017, 4:59 AM
hi bro
Thu Jan 26, 2017, 4:34 PM


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