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The continuation of "The Wicked Stepfather: Revisited" Please see the previous section for provenance and content warning.
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© 2012 - 2021 Maverickthewriter
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tracyporker's avatar

My mean controlling Mothers Like that constantly feeding me .

Well It's a Tight Fit But It fit's Me .
cggo's avatar

Great discovery !

It's rare when a weight gain writer write this big, and it's enjoyable !

Even if this story is old, i wish that you'll do another very big weight gain story, not necessarily extreme like this one but more like a thin girl getting to 800-900 pound range, not getting to the 1600 record that Sara owns now

Maverickthewriter's avatar

Thanks, cggo! The fat as a prison dynamic is enjoyable and something I may visit again at some point. I certainly wouldn't shy away from getting a girl that fat if the story called for it. ("The Harem on the Hill" may get there eventually.) Stay tuned!

cggo's avatar

I wouldn't mind seeing Tina huge at the end of The Harem of the Hill ;)

Begin as a slim waitress to an hugely obese woman !

bellylover2141's avatar

I loved part 1 but I found her getting that big and then dying was a bad end for her, just my opinion though and it eas still well-written.

Maverickthewriter's avatar

Gruesome for sure. It's probably a little too disturbing for me nowadays, too :).

bellylover2141's avatar

If I was writing it I probably would have just ended it at her becoming inmobile but it definitely sets it apart from other stories like this and like I said before it is very well written. I think some small dark part of me liked the end though...

On which site(s) was the original story uploaded to?

- Zach
Maverickthewriter's avatar

I honestly can't remember where I first read the original. Back in the mid-90s, there weren't many options so I suspect it was

plaidNok's avatar
I've always loved that quote from Stranger than Fiction, that in a tragedy you die, in a comedy you get hitched.  It's funny, and unintentional, but almost all the normal fiction I write ends in death, but all of the erotica ends in orgasm, marriage, or pregnancy.  Both death and orgasm, and the rest, share this aspect of transformation, but... I don't know... I'd like to say that death in erotica is a turn-off, and it's at least (for me) not a turn on, but if I'm honest, really honest, that's not my reason.  I think I avoid death as an ending because it is an ending, a conclusion, and readers want a conclusion, and I have a visceral urge to not give people what they want, lol.  Also, I guess, death feels like an illusion, life always goes on, and so... maybe it feels less realistic or something--not because of the content, obviously, love that, but because of the finality, you know?  Hmmm.  Random thoughts.
Maverickthewriter's avatar
Interesting musings!  Like you said, I think if we're completely honest with ourselves all sorts of socially unacceptable and forboden acts turn intriguing if not downright titillating.  We all have that inner caveman.  This is a story for him.         
plaidNok's avatar
LOL I think I was high when I wrote that haha.
But yah, agree, definitely for the inner caveman.  And, I guess, birth, death, orgasm, and flouting of social norms both internally and externally--all kind of the same in a way.
As much as I've loved this over the years the listed weights throw my immersion every time. I have to make myself think it's listed in kilograms to work.
Maverickthewriter's avatar
LOL, I'd have the same problem the other way.  Weight-gain fiction helped teach me how to convert pounds from "stones."
bobiscool18's avatar
Wow, I am late to the party on reading this story, but this among your other stories are fantastic! I can definitely say that I love dark elements in weight gain stories and love you brilliantly you used them on this masterpiece. I have no idea if you like other dark works, but there are some amazing dark weight gain stories on fantasy feeder, my absolute favorite being called simply hedonism, it is brilliant story about a male who captures young females and sends them to an island where they get fattened. I also remember reading some other extremely dark, Hell even darker than this on fantasy feeder, one of which was a man kidnapping a lady in the woods and treating her like a pig (feeding her a fattening recipe of slop) and making her stay in barn until she was immobile and then he cooked her and a little bit of her for a year. Another one where this lady goes to the doctor and randomly loses her mind with the other patients and literally turns into an obese baby (again forgot the names of these stories). Still, this piece is above all to them due to your superb writing abilities, wow my mind is blown away! If you get the chance check out hedonism on fantasy feeder and my latest story "Be careful you don't want to get fat" and I would love some constructive criticism from you(if you want to read it)! Still thanks for this, my new favorite story!
Maverickthewriter's avatar
Thanks for the kind words, Bob!  (Sorry for the delay in replying...DeviantArt doesn't have the best comment notification system.)  I will definitely check-out your story and the other ones you mention.
bobiscool18's avatar
All good man, I just wanted to say how good you are. Probably the most influential wg writer of all time. Looking forward to your next story whenever
Maverickthewriter's avatar
Awfully kind of you to say!  I'll keep you posted!  
plaidNok's avatar
Extremely well written, and probably the darkest story of this genre I've read, with Stockholm Syndrome and a few of the demon-oriented stories only even coming close. This tale, if society's mind were open enough to see it, says something about the necessity of an open forum for fantasy. It is the nature of mind to learn and grow, and of the realms and depths it has traveled to expand as well. I remember a quote from somewhere, and I am badly paraphrasing: 'there is always more to desire and fantasize about; thought in this way is like food, an addiction that cannot be escaped, and always, if satiation is reached, the threshold can be pushed, and so the mantra of "more specific, more extreme" is inevitably realized.'
A story like this does not only serve the purpose of reaching for extremes, but of illustrating moral bounds in every human culture, and allowing an outlet for impulses and thoughts that is relatively benign, and even laudable for many sociocultural reasons.
Still, dark as f*ck, and in an ideal world they would both get intense therapy. As you mentioned, I could never imagine having the balls, or the talent, to write this from scratch, but I applaud you and the original writer for doing it. A culturally significant literary and aesthetic masterpiece, that yet will never reach outside recognition. Bravo, nonetheless.
plaidNok's avatar
lol, I think the second half of that quote is from whedon's Dollhouse
Mikibosser's avatar
Hey, just found this story and really become intrigued with it, i must ask, where can you find those other stories which you say are as/more extreme than this? 
plaidNok's avatar
Haha, there's several, but they're spread out. Fantasy Feeder mostly. Dimensions magazine. Some other older sites. Dark temptations by skittles, betrayed by her own body, paranoia (which i think is also posted on DA), evil stepmother, etc, etc
Maverickthewriter's avatar
Thanks, plaidNok!  I'll have to check-out that Stockholm Syndrome story.  

I totally agree with you about the necessity for avenues to espouse dark fantasies like this.  They're not some "gateway drug" to the actual physical exploration of perverse activities.  If anything, they're a healthy way to acknowledge and satisfy our baser impulses without truly indulging them.     
This continues to be one of my absolute favorites which I return to again and again over the years. It's rare to find one that succeeds in presenting the predatory angle of the dynamic between unwitting feedee and controlling feeder. Of course the size progression, the portrayal of immobility, and the dark ending are all right up my alley. Absolute top rate work. 
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