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In the "My Story" section, I discuss my voyage of self-discovery and the late, great's influence on it. One of the first stories on “” that impacted me greatly was “The Stepfather.” It is a brilliant piece of stream-of-conscious writing and one of the most purely erotic--political correctness be damned--pieces of feeder fiction ever written. It contains, among other borderline immoral activities: forced-feeding, incest, verbal and psychological abuse, drug abuse, rape and (it can be argued) murder.

If it were a true story, it would be tragic and reprehensible; as a fantasy, however, it appeals to the darker desires of many feeders, feedies and weight-gain enthusiasts.

The main problem with the story, despite its carnal brilliance, is its borderline unreadability. The grammar and spelling start out bad, then quickly denigrate into one long run-on sentence, full of misspellings and random thoughts. These errors diminish the rapid-fire energy that the story builds throughout. For years, I thought about working the story into a bit more polished form, and the above is my effort (circa 2003).

What originally started as a quick correction of spelling and grammar turned into a full-on rewrite. I have kept the original plot and flow intact, but in addition to grammatical formatting, I have also added many of my own embellishments. I hope these additions maintain the spirit of the original, but add to the overall depth of the piece. It’s still a bit rough and you’ll notice some grammatical errors, but I think it works.

I give full credit to the original author (a woman!). Most of the dialogue, plot points and character depth--including the internal struggles of the protagonist--were already in place. I just helped flesh things out a bit (pun intended!).


This is a VERY DARK story. If the more disturbing elements of the plot (listed above) are offensive to you, even in fantasy form, then I encourage you not to read it. To be honest, even though I am aroused by many of the more sinister aspects of the story, I don’t think I could’ve written it from scratch myself.

If you like your “feeder fiction” with a darker edge, then sit back and enjoy. I hope you enjoy revisiting this unique story as much as I did…
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otherland78's avatar
an interesting nice long story but sure in real life it would have been nice if she only gained a few and got some little revenge on this steve guy making him gain a few on his own using her seductive female skills ;-) to ensure she can give back that belly poke some day ;-)
fanedfox's avatar

I'm sorry, but I found the "dark edge" of this just too much.  The step-father is a total creeper and what he does to his step-daughter is balant child abuse, which to me, anyway is a turn off.  I do write somewhat similar tales, but I try to have the protagonist enjoy what is happening.  In this story, Sara is destroyed, her looks, her athletism, her intellegence and popularity are ruined for merely Steve's gratification.


Sorry just not my cup of tea,


Ned Fox

Forcedlactationlover's avatar
So far, so fat, so-o good. I like the 'dark edge', as you put it. Many of my own tales are close to this dark. But you do it very well. I looked forward to the rest, and enjoyed most all of that as well.
Atlya's avatar
Read this too some time ago, really dark but, I don't know there's something interesting in a "spooky" weight gain story. :P