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[Wyngro] Wielislaw Ref

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Arrow left Name: Wielisław (Pronounce:…)
Arrow left Sex: Male
Arrow left Gender: Male
Arrow left Current Age: Adult (Mental age: Early 20s)
Arrow left D.O.B.: November 9th, 2016
Arrow left Form: Bipedal
Arrow left Magic: Wyngro Fire Pixel Element Intermediate Fire (diploma), Wyngro Earth Pixel Element Basic Earth (diploma)
Arrow left Upgrades: Thumbs, Teeth, Hair tuft, Earth spikes, Slit Pupils, Coloured Sclera, Coloured Tongue, Horn Nibs, Piñata Fur, Dual Pointed Elbows, Spike Ears, Same Sized Limbs, Brow Changer, Sleek Tail, Paw Pads, Barb Tail Tip, Gradient, Firework Markings, Banded Markings, Ring Markings, Colour Mixer, Tint Changer


Arrow left Friends: Kyanite, Adina, Inka, Misty, Pappy
Arrow left Enemies/Rivals: None
Arrow left Mate/Crush: Misty (crush)
Arrow left Sexual Preferences: Unknown
Arrow left Companion Pets: None :(


Personality: [ Dependable, Eccentric, Creative, Neurotic, Tactless, Finicky ]

Wielislaw is a solitary wyngro who seems to have a bit of trouble dealing with the world around him. Though very considerate of other wyngrew for the most part, Wiel has a hard time dealing with strangers and tends to unintentionally put his own spin on any bit of information to his name. He is also very compulsive and easily finds himself obsessed with a multitude of different interests at any given time. Currently he is focusing more on crafting fireworks and perfecting his use of fire magic.

Overall, this guy tends to wear his emotions on nonexistent sleeves and be very picky with his needs. But if given the chance, Wiel can be quite the colourful companion to anyone willing to make the effort.


Arrow left Accepting Roleplays: Yes
Arrow left Preferred roleplay source: Art, Discord, Google Doc
Arrow left Writing skill level: I write relatively well and am looking for partners who roughly share my same skill level or who can help me improve.
Arrow left Preferences: I'm open to script, semi-script, short paragraph roleplays, or simple headcanon swapping. I honestly don't have the attention span for novel length RP responses. 


Arrow left Quirks:
- Prone to loss of appetite
- Difficult time speaking to strangers
- Compulsively counts items
- Would literally do anything to please his friends
- Has abandonment issues
- Can't swim
- Has self-image issues
- Fascinated by history
Arrow left Meeting new Wyngro: Silent. He cannot speak when meeting new people and simply freezes up.
Arrow left Being surprised: Scared and easily startled, he'll be shaken for a bit.
Arrow left Being touched: Like meeting new people, he will freeze up when touched. Unless it's one of his best friends, he is not comfortable with being touched.
Arrow left Actions when sad: Cries like a baby and openly expresses his sadness. Emotions always read well on this boy's face.
Arrow left Likes: Pyrotechnics & firecrackers, nature, close friends, magic, puckoo meat, history, story telling, animals, independence, gardening
Arrow left Dislikes: Crowds, death, strangers, cold weather, anger, upsetting people

Have any further questions regarding this character? Feel free to leave them in the comments!

Description format thanks to Wyngro Reference Sheet Template

Wielisław and art belong to MaverickStudio
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ive been pronouncing his name like coleslaw this whole time and now i feel like a fool
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Awww, no companion pets, poor kid, don't worry, we'll get you one someday!
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Yes, one day I will be able to get him a Noc to remedy this. :D
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That makes me happy, thank you!
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Wow, look at this boy!!
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Thank you! I'm glad you like him. :]
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Ahhhh pretty boy x3

Oh~ he have a crush on misty, i don't knew it hah OwO
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yee a little bit
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aww this is sweet >w< he is a kind gro! 
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