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Wyngro Template: Silas

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Name: Silas
Biological Sex: Male
Type: Imperial
Creation: Purchased Wyngro
Hatch Location: The Nook (Adopted by Papillon!)

Description: Silas just loves music. If he could, he'd play a song for every emotion he'd ever felt. He's a kind-hearted soul, but often lacks tact, and can hurt others feelings with the "honest truth". When Alma tells other wynglings to "never lie", she is often educating Silas on the art of "white lies", at least enough for Silas to stop accidentally insulting his sensitive peers. This also makes him a terrible secret keeper.

Among that, though, Silas adores thunderstorms
and aspires to perform in Antova
2/68 Wyn 0/2Nova 

Silas and center art belong to MaverickStudio 
Right corner image and description courtesy of Nestly 

Wanted this boy to share my birthday. Enjoy!
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he's so old xD
MaverickStudio's avatar
I can't believe it has almost been 7 months. /single tear
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Now he is almost 12
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lol still a babu
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silas, will you ever grow up xD
MaverickStudio's avatar
Puberty strikes when you least expect it. Sans Shrug 
Skyleea's avatar
hmm..., when will that be? i wonder...
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Once I fix her adult approval, I was hopping to post something about this kind of thing.
Ramen will want to start out wyngling sitting or pet sitting since she is still young, but she loves to sew and wants to be a tailor.
She does have a friend but she is still very lonely.
I was hoping she could babysit or adopt, or simply let a wyngling or two stay with her when she leaves the nook.
((She will also be the owner of my newest Evoloon))
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This sounds adorable and I think you definitely should do that for Ramen! Even if not adopting, babysitting would be great for her if she's feeling a bit lonely, as I'm sure many of the wyngling do as well. ^^
RamenNoodleFerret's avatar
Alright ^7^
I'm working on the redo now, I might be able to post it after work today. Hopefully it'll be better soon
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This is so pretty--why do you draw so pretty?? q7q9
also congrats on the babe =7=
MaverickStudio's avatar
Ahh, thank you that is so sweet of you to say!
Space-Sburbian's avatar
hey, you're welcome!
and fo real, you draw amazing wyngro
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Awwww you kept all his info! XD I was wondering if you'd change anything or not. I did love coming up with that though so it's nice it will get used! ^o^
I really want him to interact with Inka at some point and just totally slam her feelings accidentally, lol. She's a sensitive daisy with emotions. Should be great.
MaverickStudio's avatar
Noo, I loved his description I didn't even bother thinking of changing it! I really adore that these guys came with their own personalities and quirks. I think it'll be super fun to work with him as an already set character rather than mold him to my exact specifications. You are great for providing those descriptions Thumbs Up 

Oh gosh that sounds so horrible, it needs to happen. I don't see those encounters ending well for either of them. |D 
Nestly's avatar
Awwww I'm so glad to hear that. <3 I love that people enjoy the written parts as well because I love coming up with them!

I know right? I love being horrible to my characters. Inka's a bit obsessed with friending all the other Imps and I think she just might be in for a world of hurt. x'D
MaverickStudio's avatar
Who doesn't love being horrible to their characters haha!
I'm a little scared for Silas though ngl. Unintentionally fucking with Inka's emotions seems like it would be like releasing hell on earth for a little wyngling lmao
Nestly's avatar
It shall be great. >D I gotta find more time for silly drawings soon.
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Birb intensifies
He looks so good!
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He looks great in your style ^-^
Maybe Noir could raise him?…
He is a guy but he is like a mom X'D
He is already raising his adoptive son Noxen.
Noir loves music and would love to encourage Silas in that area.
i think they would get along well <:
Noir is good with children and somewhat raised his younger cousin as well as another wyngling besides Noxen.
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