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Rough Illustration - Welcome to the family

While most were asleep, the new year seemed to bring in an adorable little treasure to The Nook. One of the mysterious Imp eggs that had come in last week had shown no immediate signs of hatching and yet, there would be a surprise waiting in the nursery for someone in the hours to come. Breaking out of that armoured egg had been no easy task for the frail, little wyngling. The warm hay bedding his egg had been resting on was certainly comforting in these early morning hours.

Wyngro Template: Silas by MaverickStudio

A hasty welcome painting I did for my little Silas. He's super special to me and I'm thrilled to finally be able to share him with the group. I currently don't own a Wyngro capable of caring for a wyngling though, so I was wondering if any older/active members had a gro or other character willing to look after this precious babe? It didn't feel right just leaving him in The Nook if realistically he'd be adopted. Here is a journal for anyone interested: Silas is seeking a guardian!

I hope you all love him as much as I do and look forward to watching him grow!

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Aw, thank you so much.
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Thats so pretty! 
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we must protect this perfect smol
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thank you please protect him with your life
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Aww, is someone exhausted from hatching? p.p
He's really cute. Looking forward how he will grow up. :]
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Aw thank you! Looking forward to seeing how he progresses as well
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Second cutest new years bab! Next to you of course~ 

No, but really! He's amazing. I love how you did the shell, his tiredness, and his mane <3 The lighting in this picture is really well done also. Perf~
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Oh stop Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 

So glad you like him and this picture. Thank you!
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Awww! Such a lovely picture! And an awesome way to advertise this little fellow needs a 'parent' >D I eagerly await seeing everyone try out, and who Alma eventually decides is a good enough guardian for Silas!
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Thank you very much! I can't wait either; he deserves some loved ones :]
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Awwwwwwwwww. <333 Love this! I love how the "armor" on the egg has even flaked off. Neat!
And he's such a sleepy babuuu. So cute.

I have a cool thought for someone who could raise him. >D (None of my Wyngrew, but another artist I will ask to apply!)
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Hehe thanks! Really appreciate you spreading the word for him as well :D
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Awwww the cutie ;w;
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Glad you think so!
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I have a couple that could take care of him? Jax and Delta both love children and would love to take care of him until they can have their own. They also have experience because Jax has a bred niece he babysits and Delta has little brother. (They are both also really protective) ^^

a pic of both of them:…
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Birb intensifies  To damn cute!  To damn cute!

I kinda wanna try but I'm not sure XD
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Ahah, thank you Vaylore!
No worries if you don't happen to enter; I appreciate the interest!
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Zahra has a mad love for Wynglings and would love to watch over this little bab. I've actually been watching out for a Wynglings looking for a home. Zahra has no mate or else she'd have a baby of her own.

Edit: I also have an obsession over swapping headcanons for characters more then rping(though I can rp as well).
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Well if you are interested I was planning on finding another wyngling for Banshee to care for. She already has one little wyngling under her wings, she certainly wouldn't mind another.
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Good luck finding him a home! (er parents I should say)
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