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[Collab] Illustration - Incinerate

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Intermediate Magic Class - Week 3! [OPEN]

When you try your best but you don't succeed

Part one:
Exploding Pinecones (collab) by Nestly

Wielisław found himself taking a break at the wrong time this afternoon.
One of the teachers, Zagor, wanted to challenge a fellow classmate and insisted that Wieli joins in on the fun. Anyone else would have been thrilled at the idea, but neither of them knew just how uncomfortable Wiel was around strangers. After having such a great experience with McNair the week before, though, the young gro didn't want his awkwardness to keep him from being included anymore. He was making some progress with homework this week, after all, so why not? Pushing through the unease and keeping quiet, Wieli watched on eagerly as Zagor tossed pinecones in the air for Nymble to burst into flames! Nymble made it look so easy so the boy couldn't help but feel a little confident in his abilities when they finally encouraged him to take a shot at it. Watching the pinecone begin its ascent, the green wyngro closed his eyes tightly as he tried to focus magic into the object flying overhead. It was harder to pinpoint than he could have imagined but, at the first sign of a target, he concentrated fully on incinerating it. Feeling his magic glands glow hot with success, he opened his eyes in hopes of being met with similar results to his classmate. What he saw instead made his heart sink to the pit of his stomach. Seems Wielisław wasn't the only one to wind up in the wrong place at the wrong time..


A big thank you to Nestly for offering to collab with me this week when I expressed having some trouble in Discord. I couldn't think of anything interesting for this prompt and she was nice enough to bounce ideas off me and do a set of lineart for our pieces. I happy coloured both in return; You can see the first half linked above!

Poor Wielisław. He absolutely adores nature so something like this was the last thing he ever expected to experience. This class is really turning out to be a roller-coaster of a time for the poor kid. I hope there was a water student nearby yikes

Wielisław and colouring - MaverickStudio
Nymble and Lineart - Nestly
4/165 Wyn  0/6 Nova

(Just assume the bird ended up getting doused and healed up if you need. :])
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lol i love it.
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I love this image so very much XD
That poor ex-bird and poor Wilie too, he does not seem like the type who's going to be too happy that he roasted a bird alive.

Beautiful work as always Mav, it's been so cool to see these collabs between you and the other awesome artists! Maybe one day I can rope you into one haha.

Also those clouds look lovely, so soft, just makes you wish you could touch them
Nestly's avatar
lmao the rare phoenix. Ultra rare in that it's the kind that DOESN'T REVIVE. 8(


Anyways YESS this was so much fun. >D We'll have to do it again sometime. 
Are you gonna have Wieli do basic magic next month? 

Also I love how we totally copped out with the easy backgrounds here, lol. Ground and sky. DONE. xDD
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LOL a rare breed indeed.

Would definitely be up for doing this again sometime, it was extremely fun. I'm not sure if Wieli will be brave enough to sign up for next class. We'll have to see haha

And hey, don't dis the backgrounds. Sky/clouds are a nightmare for me. q-q (ground was easy though ngl)
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Awwww hahah. Inka will probably join the next basic class. She'll have to encourage him. XD

Awww lol really? Omg I love drawing clouds! >D they are so much fun to paint!
MaverickStudio's avatar
Lol encourage. Is that an Inka-friendly way of saying drag him to the next class? |D
He does need a basic Earth class so we'll see how encouraging Inka can be by the time next basics roll around haha. Glad to hear you plan on enrolling her next time btw!

Yeah I have trouble with drawing, painting, whatevering the sky. I don't know why but that and water are never easy for me no matter how much I practice them. Definitely not impossible either, just more work than I personally would like for them to be. xD
Nestly's avatar
Naaaaa she's not as ECCENTRIC about that stuff as Nymble is, hahaha. 
She'll only drag you around if she thinks you're "boyfriend material". Eyes 

I might do Earth or Wind because I'm sick of drawing fire all the time, haha. 

Ohhhhh now WATER is hard, yeah.
But clouds are really fun! It's really just painting over the same cloud in layers, going lighter and lighter. I learned by taking my own photos and referencing them! :3 Next time you see an awesome sunset or something , you should take a picture!
MaverickStudio's avatar
Haha fair enough! Was just having PTSD for poor Wiel after Inka convinced him to do that blind dating thing during Heartkindle (which did not go well at all yikes)

Fuuuh trust me, I get you. I'm so sick of drawing fire it huuuurts. I'm so glad that I don't have to worry about advanced classes for the time being xD; Damn your love of fire, Wieli.
Nestly's avatar
Ohhhhhmygod lol I forgot about that!!! <D Inka would feel really bad! She had a nice time having a conversation/making connections. What happened with Wieli??

Lol yep same with Nymble. X'D you also did two fire classes in a row haha
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Rip random bird. You'll master it eventually Weili, don't you worry
MaverickStudio's avatar
He could use the encouragement right now, thanks pffft
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But hey, he was able to do just wasn't the right target ;u;''
MaverickStudio's avatar
That's a positive spin on it at least. |D;
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No worries, Wieli; I prefer my bird a little charred anyway Dancing Turkey Icon 
MaverickStudio's avatar
You and me both. That icon tho hahaha
TopazOwl's avatar
ahaha oh noooo >w<

 Wiel had a rare encounter with a majestic phoenix
MaverickStudio's avatar
lmao I can't with the phoenix. I have no idea how I never thought about that while working on this. I'm laughing so hard now
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While beautiful, I cannot help but feel for that poor, poor baby. ;n; Lots of cuddles incoming. 
MaverickStudio's avatar
Aww, that's sweet.
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Thank Chii'Falla we won't have to see poor Kyanite in this situation.. >.> Unless it's on purpose x'D
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What a majestic creature
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