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PKMN-Armonia App by maverickhunter222 PKMN-Armonia App :iconmaverickhunter222:maverickhunter222 1 0 Pkmn Armonia by maverickhunter222 Pkmn Armonia :iconmaverickhunter222:maverickhunter222 0 0 Aka by maverickhunter222 Aka :iconmaverickhunter222:maverickhunter222 0 0 Tiger Grrrrr by maverickhunter222 Tiger Grrrrr :iconmaverickhunter222:maverickhunter222 1 13 Rocker by maverickhunter222 Rocker :iconmaverickhunter222:maverickhunter222 0 2 Aqua by maverickhunter222 Aqua :iconmaverickhunter222:maverickhunter222 0 3 Triforce by maverickhunter222 Triforce :iconmaverickhunter222:maverickhunter222 0 1 Wilson Monsoono's graffitti by maverickhunter222 Wilson Monsoono's graffitti :iconmaverickhunter222:maverickhunter222 0 1 at the park by maverickhunter222 at the park :iconmaverickhunter222:maverickhunter222 1 0
Black Mask Part 4
From the time Drake left with Renee and Cloud years were as peaceful as the start of a new day he was happy they were all happy.
The adoptive parents gave up their search for Drake and the others as soon as they reached the town of Fereun, which is the town outside of Adamant.
At long last Drake has finally found a portion of peace in his young life living with Renee and Cloud was something he always wanted …A Family…although Drake kept to himself for the first couple of months getting lost in his training with the sword he by some miracle made friends while Cloud did mercenary jobs to keep the land and home in which they now had with everyone doing something.
The time tended to move quickly since the time Drake and his family came to Adamant he was no longer the child he once was he and the others were accepted citizens of the town. As Drake grew older the women of the village found him to be a suitable suitor for their daughters who were his same age, but instead of going o
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Black Mask part 3
Kalidore's life was a hard spent. From the time he was able to do anything he was abused, neglected, and fought for his survival. However there was only one person who truly cared for and loved him as her own. Her name was Renee the only daughter of the exiled family and also the one who was the main cause of this family getting exiled in the first place for she had a child out of wedlock and in the end lost the child shortly after giving birth to the young one.
She would take kalidore and feed him secretly for her family disapproved of him and days turned into months, months turn into years as time passed kalidore grew strong and healthy being five years passed since the event that killed his real parents he was forced to learn the way of the sword or in other words the parents of Renee used him as a practice dummy and if he died they did not care.
There in Kalidore's adoptive family were four cloud, Renee, jack, and dart. Cloud being the oldest actually liked kalidore for a couple of
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megaman nt boredom by maverickhunter222 megaman nt boredom :iconmaverickhunter222:maverickhunter222 0 1 at the waterfall by maverickhunter222 at the waterfall :iconmaverickhunter222:maverickhunter222 1 0 shiny middle clouds by maverickhunter222 shiny middle clouds :iconmaverickhunter222:maverickhunter222 1 4 sunset by maverickhunter222 sunset :iconmaverickhunter222:maverickhunter222 0 1 i wanted to see if i can take a picture of the sun by maverickhunter222 i wanted to see if i can take a picture of the sun :iconmaverickhunter222:maverickhunter222 1 4
i am a very creative mindset person so i do a lot of different types of art


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:icontixielix: :iconexiled-artist: :iconayanokannagix3: :iconnukuzu: :iconariasnow: :iconrapha-chan:




My name is Wilson Monsoono ( a Squirtle), I am the first born of two of the most popular wrestlers in the wrestling world Morpha (a Ditto) , and Monsoono (a Blastoise). my parents meet during a contenders match to go on to face the current champion but it ended in a Double K.O. and I was born Yay!!(that was a big mistake though).

since the start of my life it has been one big mess after another. first I was born frozen due to the premature learning of the move Ice Beam while I was still an egg, next would be my father always calling me Junior but my name is Wilson not Junior and lastly would be the lessons given to me by my parents on how to fight and counter moves that will usually be used in wrestling but they also said to follow certain rule, which basically states "Don't trust anyone and Make sure you cause them harm before they cause any harm to you", but they also tell me to make a lot of friend, but how am I suppost to do that if I don't trust anybody?

As my life continued, which I somehow survived from my father's fighting lessons, I followed the lessons my parents taught but in the end I  felt used and betrayed because even though they said they were my friends they gave there attention to my parents asking for autographs and other propaganda they had to give away and to do stuff with them alone, which made me feel alone. Since then I have been rebellious toward my parents and I even torment my brother Bob but he still doesn't get the hint that I don't like him and don't want hold his hand or play dolls with him.

a few years later I got into ice sculpting whenever I froze someone or something with my Ice Beam its the only thing I truly like, but still would like some real friends to enjoy my time with, but they have to not know my parents, (which is impossible) but that won't happen anytime soon so I've decided to do some things in order to get out of my Hometown of Fortree so hopefully things will be better for me and not my parents social network.

Well that is all for now so until next time See ya

-Wilson Monsoono-


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well you are correct i burned my hand i went to the doctor and they said it was a second degree burn and i can't be back to work for two weeks but i will keep in touch right now they have my hand wrapped up and it is not allowed to get wet anyway my sis said she didn't want to take care of me anymore so she threw me on a bus to california
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i will be back in another week
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