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Daily Deviation
July 18, 2013
VLC - MinimalX by ~Maverick07x MinimalX is an incredibly gorgeous VLC skin; simple and yet functional!
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VLC - MinimalX



MinimalX skin for the VLC Media Player
[ Blue / Pink / Green]

[16.07.2013] - Release (v1.0)

[30.03.2017] - Update to 2.6.0
[25.04.2017] - Update to 2.6.2
[28.03.2018] - Update to 3.0.0:  fixes / optimization / button hints


1. Extract the .vlt file to ...VideoLAN/VLC/skins ~ overwrite if needed
2. Start VLC => Preferences => Check to custom skin
3. Restart VLC (by closing and starting it again)
- if you already use a custom skin restart VLC as well - otherwise the fullscreen mode won't work


Returning to normal mode:
If you have issues to return from "Minimal Mode" to the normal mode => doubleclick the bottom bar


- If the video frame doesn't seems right, switch to fullscreen mode and back again


Hint 1:
If you can't see the control buttons because the video is bigger than the screen resultion - this should help:
- Preferences -> Interface Settings -> Look & Feel
- Switch to "Use native style"
- Uncheck "Resize interface to video size"
- Switch back to "Use custom skin"
- Save and close
- Restart VLC

Fixed version:
If you still can't see the control buttons / can't move the window - Download this version:


Any bug report, suggestion or wishes to improve the skin are welcome

© 2013 - 2023 Maverick07x
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It looks nice, but it's functionally so stupid. It doesn't have a toolbar at the top, which is against all norms. And not only is it weird, but it doesn't have the ability to maximize? It's either full screen or a random window size. And the full screen hides the task bar, but not the bottom bar, so it's not actually full screen either. Totally idiotic.