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VLC - MinimalX

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© 2013 - 2020 Maverick07x
MinimalX skin for the VLC Media Player
[ Blue / Pink / Green]

[16.07.2013] - Release (v1.0)

[30.03.2017] - Update to 2.6.0
[25.04.2017] - Update to 2.6.2
[28.03.2018] - Update to 3.0.0:  fixes / optimization / button hints


1. Extract the .vlt file to ...VideoLAN/VLC/skins ~ overwrite if needed
2. Start VLC => Preferences => Check to custom skin
3. Restart VLC (by closing and starting it again)
- if you already use a custom skin restart VLC as well - otherwise the fullscreen mode won't work


Returning to normal mode:
If you have issues to return from "Minimal Mode" to the normal mode => doubleclick the bottom bar


- If the video frame doesn't seems right, switch to fullscreen mode and back again


Hint 1:
If you can't see the control buttons because the video is bigger than the screen resultion - this should help:
- Preferences -> Interface Settings -> Look & Feel
- Switch to "Use native style"
- Uncheck "Resize interface to video size"
- Switch back to "Use custom skin"
- Save and close
- Restart VLC

Fixed version:
If you still can't see the control buttons / can't move the window - Download this version:


Any bug report, suggestion or wishes to improve the skin are welcome

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Why dont try upload 4shared is good and never expiration, i try download a web sta.sh dont is work.

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Fixed version link is broken

shinechan0329's avatar

thanks a lot. i love it so much.

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Fixed version link is broken

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Thanks sirji

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bradarkieStudent General Artist

Love it, thank you

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EVERS13GENew Deviant

Tried it with my Player feels great

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Bloodangel619 Digital Artist

My gosh is this theme beautiful. Thanks so much for making this!!

The only issue I have with it is that when I open Vlsub plugin VLC crashes.

Do you know if there's any possible solution to that or if it could be fixed?

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kakamora69New Deviant

how to change it into blue ???

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etm18boialtNew Deviant

in settings, go down till you see highlight color, and then change it to be cyan-blue.

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Thank You for making this ❤!!

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The link with the fixed version doesn't work :'(

deviantgids's avatar

Cant download. Tssk

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Can you please add the features listed in the below image.

Icons Used :

Audio - https://iconscout.com/icon/voice-44

Subtitle - https://iconscout.com/icon/message-522

Chapters - https://iconscout.com/icon/navigate-next-1782191

Web 1920  1
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terima kasih, kerja bagus!

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Zeemo71Professional Digital Artist

Freaking awesome

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djanasHobbyist General Artist

Fixed version: Your link doesnt seem to work for me.

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Finally Some refreshing look for VLC

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BlooGuyHobbyist General Artist

This is so far the best here. But lacks vital elements:

- No minimize button for the default skin setting (one with no title bar).

- No mute/unmute button.

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tamahihantaNew Deviant

They are,

- Titlebar check [Enable Windows Titlebar] in [Settigns Time Gear Emote > Advanced settings and colors Bullet Arrow Down > Skin settings]

- Mute: click number in volumen menu

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Hey I love this skin so much! One question though. I noticed it doesn't work with snap in windows. Like you you snap it to the side it doesn't fill half the screen like other apps. Is there any way to fix that?

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Melhor tema que encontrei para VLC

Best looking theme I found for Videolan. Thanks!

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z4ttProfessional Digital Artist

Best looking theme that I've seen for VLC, but it's not working on my 4k screen. Dang.

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