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VLC - FusionX2 [Version B]

By Maverick07x
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FusionX2 [B] skin for VLC
(based on my FusionX2 skin for J.River Media Center)


Release Date: 7.10.2012
Update 1.1: 09.10.2012
Update 1.2: 04.11.2012
Update 1.3: 03.02.2013
Update 1.3.1: 28.09.2016

Extract the .vlt file to ...VideoLANVLCskins
Overwrite the file if you are using an older version

Any bug report, suggestion or wish to improve the skin is welcome

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thank you beautiful skin

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Thanks for this great theme. I modified a little bit for look more like Mac.
FusionX2 B-Arth for Windows VLC by arthmv
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This would be awesome for Daum PotPlayer. :(
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donpedro69 i'd to do like you did, can you tell me how to replace the min/max/close button ?
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I replaced min/max/close buttons with MacOSX-like ones and now I like it ;-)
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the time seek bar is off, it always selects a little before where i point it, is there a fix for this ?

apart from that, great theme, love it! nice one xD
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nope sorry, no fix for that.
Somehow every skin has that little issue ;(
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I love your theme but the skin color is a little dark,could you please make a version B with a milky white skin with ice blue buttons? i"ll even donate by paypal just to show some love.
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Sorry but i don't want to update this skin anymore.
If you really want to have a lighter skin, i can send you the .psd file - but its a lot of work
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Alright, send me the psd. i have no clue how to do this but thanks anyways :)
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Thank you! I've been looking for a sleek VLC skin that keeps the total clip time in view.

One piece of user feedback ... I'm used to moving a window by click on the top bar, not the bottom. I can get used to it this way, though. :)
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nevermind. I just played a video clip, & I was able to move the window from the top. Wasn't able to while playing music clips earlier.

Thanks again!
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i love this theme, working great..thanks
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Why can't I extract the skin from the .rar file?
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Ok problem solved!
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Love this theme even though I prefer GOM. I occasionally use VLC player. Awesome skin.
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why dont work the ctl+p??
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Thank you for finally giving windows a decent skin
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I hate to push my luck, but could you try porting the default OSX one?
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Very nice skin thanks a lot , (Both Version A &B).
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How to set the skin for VLC player on linux?
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Very nice & my favorite VLC skin now! :)
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