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Work for Kawasaki motor CZ. Delivered photograph model Z 750 2007
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greAt work dude
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Také jsem tě shlédl webdesign ti jde.
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What is Kawasaki disease?

Kawasaki disease is a severe, rare childhood illness that causes inflammation of the blood vessels. It most commonly affects children ages 18 to 24 months; it is rarely seen in people older than age 8. The disease is not contagious and occurs most often in the late winter and early spring. Although most children recover from Kawasaki disease without any problems, the disease can lead to heart problems.1
What causes Kawasaki disease?

Although a specific cause has not yet been identified, researchers suspect Kawasaki disease may be related to a virus or bacteria.
What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of Kawasaki disease include:

* A fever lasting at least 5 days.
* Red eyes.
* A body rash.
* Swollen, red lips and tongue.
* Swollen, red feet and hands.
* Swollen lymph nodes in the neck.

Just thought i'd share some nice information about Kawasaki disease from ROFL
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About it nor I don't know but is good extend horizons!
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Am like that it has requisite effect! :)
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