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Marco Antonio Velasquez III
Los Angeles/San Francisco/Bay Area/San Diego Ca.
Please contact me here or Behance:

Applying for:
Highly motivated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable artist seeking employment utilizing
my professional talents in Illustration as a conceptual designer, storyboard and 
Very easy to work with, friendly, ethical and able to meet milestones for any size project,
and experienced one on one or with a team/staff.

Employment History:

Manifest Film
Los Angeles Ca. 2011 - 2016
Concept/Storyboard Designer On-Call
-Various conceptual designs and storyboards for feature-films, shorts,
music videos and commercials involving high-concepts.
-Creation of 2 characters, costumes, Sith mask, props and storyboards for a
Star Wars short entitled "The Dark Legacy".
-Various storyboard concepts for introduction to the new Segway "Mini-pro".
-Created storyboards and concept boards for the film pitch "What Remains"
based on the Sony Playstation game, which has garnered much press in the
gaming and sci-fi/horror film community.
-Techno music video concept design and storyboards for a sci-fi storyline,
which includes; props, character/costume designs, various robots and
androids with full turn-arounds.
-Concepts for exotic weapon designs for a full-feature fantasy film.

The Production Green
Woodland Hills/Hollywood Ca. 2009 - 2016
Conceptual Designer/Storyboard Artist On-Call
-Concept art
 based on needs of script written by director that entailed
"turn-arounds" of characters, costume, weapons and ship designs for a
sci-fi live-action/children's adventure feature film called "Junior Crew".
-Created storyboards based on script for the entire film in development.

Precision Productions + Post
Culver City, Ca. 2013 - 2014
Storyboard Designer
-Directors storyboards created for "Epson" printers.
-Created 15 to 20+ storyboards within an 8 hr. day, 8 frames per page.
Which entailed 2 to 5+ different concepts.
-Worked directly with producers/staff, directors and CEO of company
with great communication  and coordination skills. 

IF23 Productions/Pretty Poots Productions
Los Angeles, CA.  2004 - 2007/2010
-Developed various designs and ideas for film, animation, video
games, toys and other merchandise. 
-Sketched and comped conceptual art, from spacecraft, costume,
characters, props, mecha, structures and storyboards for various
Film and animation genre's using pencils and photoshop mediums.
-Storyboarded and conceptually designed for short film "the
-Also produced Logos for montages/titles, layouts and production
-Co-developed an original Anime influenced live-action film entitled
"Zero®" that included conceptual designs of props/weapons/hardware
and director's storyboards.
-Co-wrote and created ideas for various movie scripts.

Great Light Entertainment
Beverly Hills/Hollywood Ca. 2010
Conceptual Artist/Storyboard Designer
-Concept art created for a model reality show pitch that included
RV/tour bus designs of interior, exteriors, cutaways and characterizations
of host/models.
-Creation of illustrated concept boards for key moments of show to
get a feeling of situations and personalities.
-Storyboards of basic storyline for pitch to show how program would be
presented in key scenes, as well as hosts interaction.

Treacy Productions
Hollywood, CA. 2009
Illustrator/Storyboards/Conceptual Design
-Creation of storyboards based on screenplay for an independent film
-Entailed action and comedy being the main focus to design unusual
and complicated camera shots.
-Includes pre-production design, to do location searching and environments
for scenes.
-Worked closely with director, lead cameraman and cinematographer
in designing scenes/panels, created quick thumbnails, onto sketches,
then cleaned-up for final storyboards (in Pencil).

Visual Magic Max
Los Angeles, CA.  2008 - 2009
-Creating various drawings and designs for multi-media. font, props,
banner, logo/title Montages, environments, structures and character
designs that include realistic and cartoon styles.
-Turn-arounds for characters and various objects including
-Majority of work is hand-drawn in pencils, markers and touch-ups
in adobe photoshop, from production sketches to final renders.
-Designs are then re-created in 3D animation by staff.
-Storyboards designed for montages and special effects shots.

Iron Beach
Malibu, CA.  1997 - 1999
-Created storyboards and concept designs for Anime-motion picture
project and Designed an original skatewear line that included
original Anime influenced Characters.
-Illustrated production pencil sketches that included costume,
character, spacecraft, mech designs and "turn-arounds".
-Production paintings for animation and commercial pitches in
photoshop and various mediums.
-Created an original script for an Anime motion picture project.

Square Soft USA (currently Square Enix in El Segundo)
Marina Del Rey, CA.  1996 - 1997
Illustrator/Conceptual Artist
-Devised characters, weapons/props, costume, environments and
creature illustrations for the first three phases of the critically
acclaimed horror video game "Parasite Eve".
-Produced sketches, to final production paintings in photoshop.
-Created storyboards, scenarios based on preliminary Scripts that
became key scenes in the final production including original
weapons and ammunition.

Angel Studio (currently Rockstar in Carlsbad)
Carlsbad, CA.  1995 - 1996
Illustrator/Conceptual Artist
-Designed Textures, backgrounds, vehicles and logos for video game
"Buggy Boogie" in which the team developed the modern "suspension"
that vehicles in video games employ today.
-Used various pencils, markers and on the job training for adobe

Creative Mediums and Experience:
Pencils, Paints, Markers and over 15 years experience in Adobe Photoshop.
Proficient in traditional, as well-as Japanese Manga/Anime styles.
Also experienced in Pin-up Illustrations. A Display Artist for 2 years at
Tower Records in Signage, and Displays for Music Artists, hand cutting
Foam-core, using various Inks, Markers and winning Area Awards 5 times
for Best Displays. Band and Corporate Identity Logos, CD covers and Lay
-out with 5 published album graphics/lay-out; Graphic Artist in T-Shirt
Industry; Mural Artist for a Comic Book Store and many years experience
as a Freelance Artist.

Note to all you Lovers of ART and Music!!!!
If you use the "Sit Back" mode to watch my Art on a Reel (go to Gallery and thank you) you can listen
to "Music" to go along with it, please add it on a separate browser and enjoy!
Thank you all again, and I hope all the elements make your watching of my Art even more enjoyable.
For "Sit back and Relax" mode:…
Be sure to "loop/repeat" it, enjOy (Link is from YOUtube).
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