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Music is life

This is what i came up during my free time... :)
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Hi, I really liked your wallpaper. Could I put it in my new series of posts on
I would be very grateful :). Of course, I will put a link to your wallpaper on dA, your profile and, if you want, for example to your site. new background now! thanks! :D
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thats hecka cool :) uhm i put that as my myspace layout background if thats okay.. except i changed the color. brb lemme put credit for background :)
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not bad man, not bad. got style!
Kinda stuffy :S
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hehehe... thanks
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nice job i like how simple it is and the grey and green you used
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Wickedly awesome! The colors are sooo nice and I like the font a lot. The brushes are awesome and the Vector is fabulous! +fav! =)
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Thanks for the comment and +fav dude... :)
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I take to anything w/ a music theme usually... and this is no exception. Very nice job. Did you vector the headphones from a photo?... that is my guess to his question above. I love the colors too, however I am not a big fan of the font - but it seems to match more of a music-note feel, so it fits I suppose. Overall, nj!
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Thanks for your wonderful comment dude... :)
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thanks for your short comment dude... :)
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i like it... how do you convert from a 32bit image of the headphones into a cartton like image ? i've always wanted to do it... :P havent found the tutorial yet...

any guidance ?
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It's just a vector dude... its hard to explain here. try to look a vector tutorial... thanks for your comment. I appreciate it. :)
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at ur service man.... gonna look for the vector tutorial.. thx for giving me light to the right direction ;)
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Love it! The left part is fabilous :P
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Thanks for the comment dude... :)
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i like it. the brushes on the left are great :thumbsup:
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