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Wednesday at the ER by MauserGirl Wednesday at the ER by MauserGirl
A sketch dump of sorts.

These little guys have been hanging out on my drawing pad for a while and I've been indecisive about what to do with them. I've considered turning each of them into his own piece, but they're not really that good ... they're more or less quick sketches. I also considered leaving them line art and sticking them into scraps. And I even considered not scanning them at all. So tonight the muse struck me and I scanned them in, then colored them in Photoshop. I tried working with a really limited color palette (mostly grays) to keep it simple.

These are based on real people in a real ER.

I worked a Wednesday shift a while back and one of our calls sent us out to the guy on the left, a former soldier, who'd dislocated his shoulder while working on some machinery in the yard with his dad.

He's been to the ER before with his shoulder out of place, apparently. The story I got from him was that he was stabbed in the shoulder while deployed to Iraq and has had it rebuilt - but it's not always the most stable. This time around, X-rays taken at the ER showed that he'd basically torn apart any of the reconstruction that had been done previously.

Normally, what you're supposed to do with a dislocated shoulder is to sling and swathe it to keep the patient comfortable. That wasn't even an option in this case. Any kind of touching or movement of this shoulder was impossible. The patient ended up riding sitting up on the stretcher, halfway supporting his arm on his legs.

And if anyone is wondering just how painful a dislocated shoulder is - VERY!

The guy in the center was already at the ER when we came in with our guy and must have been there for quite a while because he was still in his PT uniform. (This is a civilian hospital but the base we're about 10 minutes from does not have an emergency room, so quite a bit of what we see at our ER are soldiers.)

The back story I got on this guy later was that his unit had played football for PT and this guy got tackled and dog-piled by a bunch of guys. He ended up dislocating both of his shoulders, breaking both of his clavicles and fracturing his skull. I mostly know this because there was some discussion as to whether sending him to the next bigger city for more involved treatment would be an option (and what level of transport care he would need) as he had had three seizures at this point.

The last guy was some soldier sleeping on one of the cots next to the nurse's station. I don't have any idea what his story was except that he was obviously trying to catch some sleep, which was probably not very easy considering he was parked in what is essentially a hallway. (Which is pretty routine for our ER when it's busy as there are only 8 rooms/bays.)
SchrodingersMeerkat Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wonder if the third guy was a student doctor (I have heard about people in med school actually having to take naps just like that).
MauserGirl Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
^ Good guess but no, he was a patient. This was at the local civilian hospital.
SchrodingersMeerkat Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Maybe all the beds were already filled up?
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