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Stamp - Cat Lover

A stamp for all the cat lovers out there. If you also love dogs, there's a matching dog lovers stamp in my gallery that looks great next to this one.

You can all stop bitching now about this stamp having claws with the paw print. I removed them. There. Y'all happy now?


I ask that you PLEASE do NOT fave my stamps. I love making stamps and I love seeing them shared, but I do not consider them to be "art". Instead, it would be awesome if you'd take a minute to check out my gallery and some of the artwork I've worked hard on. That would mean much more to me than a +fav on this stamp.
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I'm using this because i love cats.

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I love my own cat with all my heart and I'm gentle and friendly with other people's cats
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I also consider this as art, so please don´t be angry about the fav on it.
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Using this. Please, forgive me. I know you said not to favorite it, but I had to in order to return back to it. If it helps, I'll unfavorite.

The stamp looks nice and clean, I like it.
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I have added to fav this stamp before reading the description, but now I promise to look at your actual art (I think when a stamp is aesthetically pleasing it is art in its own way, but I understand what you mean, so time to explore!).
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