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German Shepherd Colors

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Published: March 6, 2012
© 2012 - 2019 MauserGirl
I primarily created this piece as an updated version of an older piece, which is found at this [link]

There are a couple of reasons for the update -
(1) I wanted to remove some of the redundant artwork
(2) I wanted to include more informational text
(3) I wanted to start with a better quality Shepherd drawing
(4) I needed a larger version to sell prints

Another big reason for the update is that the original piece has been redistributed all over the Internet without any kind of link back, often with my logo removed and sometimes entirely edited to be on a different background. :(

I apologize for the enormous watermark across the image, but since people keep redistributing my charts all over the Internet without a link back to either my dog page (which the copyright link goes to) or my DeviantArt page, it's become a necessity.
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NightfallBlessingHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for this, it's a good help! :heart:
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This is so lovely I have no idea which one is my German shepherd she's a bi colored with white on her chest mouth and paws 
vasogoma's avatar
I am so SO happy I found you :) I saw your original piece a while ago and I am super excited to finally have someone to thank for creating it. I swear I show it all the time at work to explain clients that there is more than just one color of german shepherd. I am so going to find a way (sooner than later I hope) so I can buy a print of it <3
MauserGirl's avatar
Prints will eventually be available through my Zazzle store at but I haven't been able to do much work to the store lately ...
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I have one and I love him :3 He's a great friend and protector. Love your work.
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Denis-TritonProfessional Digital Artist
Моя любимая собака. )
Laloki's avatar
LalokiHobbyist Artist
ohhahahddh thank you for existing
this helped
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CalypsoeclipseStudent Traditional Artist
Wow, I didn't know so many existed.
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may16pantsHobbyist General Artist
technically white is not allowed on a German shepherd so "White" is sadly not accepted (even though i love all whites and they are so beautiful) and neither is "Panda" as an official German shepherd even though it is produced they cant be entered in dog shows or be pure breds
MauserGirl's avatar
I do believe I've already explained this in the graphic, may16pants

All of these dogs are genetically German Shepherds, regardless of whether the color is a fault and therefore disqualifies them from being entered in conformation shows or not. Solid white, pandas, blues, and livers all cannot be shown in conformation - but they *ARE* purebred German Shepherds and they can still compete in all other performance venues.

In Europe, the white German Shepherds are registered and shown as the White Swiss Shepherd Dog. White dogs were actually part of the foundation stock of the German Shepherd breed, but were excluded from the breed standard in Germany in 1933 because it was falsely believed that white was a dilution gene (it's actually a masking gene) and would be associated with health issues (it is not). The US followed suit on excluding the white dogs in 1958. In the US, white German Shepherds are recognized by the UKC as "White Shepherds", since 1999, and can compete in UKC conformation shows and performance events.

The panda coloration is a recent mutation similar to the white spotting gene found in other breeds of dog. You may note also that a small amount of white spotting, called "residual white" is allowed under the breed standard - it's commonly found in white spots on the chest or white toes, both of which are perfectly acceptable in the German Shepherd. The larger amount of white spotting in the panda dogs, called the Irish Spotting Pattern, is controlled by different alleles on the same locus as the "residual white." Genetically, the panda dogs are German Shepherds (and yes, they are purebred, not mixed) and can compete in all AKC events except conformation.

Remember that different (faulty or excluded) colors only exclude dogs from CONFORMATION shows, NOT from performance events and does not mean the dogs are not purebred.
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may16pantsHobbyist General Artist
yeah ok i just wanted to make sure :D
MauserGirl's avatar
You should see people flip out when I tell them there are black-and-tan Malinois. :D Yes, they're outside the standard but they ARE purebred and they do (genetically) come in that color.

Right now, there's some moron locally breeding "blue merle German Shepherds" by crossing in Aussies. He claims that "this is how all new colors are introduced into a breed." I'm not sure what drugs he's on...
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may16pantsHobbyist General Artist
lol XD
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TheMonsterYouCreatedHobbyist General Artist
Is this supposed to be all of the colors? 
MauserGirl's avatar
This chart represents all of the colors of the German Shepherd Dog, but it does not represent all of the patterns. There's a separate chart for the patterns. You'll note also that it notes the sable, blue, and liver can have varying depths of the tan coloring, from a very light whitish-silver to a very deep, dark, red; and the panda can be tri-color or bi-color. It shows all the colors but not all the *shades* of color, if that makes sense?
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TheMonsterYouCreatedHobbyist General Artist
I realize this sounds a bit rude... Definitely not meant that way ! 
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xLunastarxHobbyist Digital Artist
A bunch of your art work is for sale here:…
It says the seller is abbyk9
Is that you? If not I'd contact the site and tell that the art is stolen.
MauserGirl's avatar
That's my store. :) Well, my old store. But thanks for letting me know!
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PirraAiren General Artist
<font><font>Очень хорошо </font></font>:) (Smile) 
<font><font class="">Ещё серые ремённые были, занарно-чепрачные и просто занарные (когда волос наполовину окрашен в разные цвета) </font></font>
:) (Smile) 
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Ragnarok6664Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great work & info :)
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DarkDetChris15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
amazing colors Love german shepherds.
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Frostfur77Hobbyist Artist
My favs are sable and banda
Frostfur77's avatar
Frostfur77Hobbyist Artist
Cool! Great job!!! :-)
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Darkstar7016Student General Artist
They're all beautiful. I so badly want a German Shepherd. Preferably the black and red one. :) 
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