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Fashion - Brother and Sister by MauserGirl Fashion - Brother and Sister by MauserGirl
Another illustration of ca. 1760's Mohawk fashions, to go along with this one. The illistrations are largely based on period descriptions of Eastern Woodlands Indians found in the book "Their Bearing is Noble and Proud", volumes I and II, by James O'Neil. O'Neil collected period accounts, including lists of trade goods, and the writings of captives, traders and travelers, describing Native tribes' appearance and clothing.

Both the young girl and her older brother are wearing a large number of trade items, such as trade silver jewelry and trade cloth. The girl is wearing a dark blue broadcloth wrap skirt decorated with colored silk ribbons as well as a white chemise (which would have been an undergarment to European women living in the new world). She is also wearing red broadcloth leggings and elk hide moccasins with broadcloth linings, trimmed with silk ribbon and white trade beads. Her leggings are held with fingerwoven garters tied at the back. She has a trade silver armband, several trade silver brooches pinned to her skirt, ball and cone earrings, and a large trade silver cross on her beaded necklaces. She's wearing the makeup fashion of the day, vermillion paste in the part of her hair and along her hairline, the top of her ears and her cheeks.

Her older brother is wearing blue trade cloth leggings decorated with colored silk ribbon, tied at the calf with fingerwoven garters. He also has a blue tradecloth breechclout decorated with ribbons and trade silver brooches. His elk hide moccasins aren't lined but are trimmed with silk and beads. He carries a hunting pouch decorated with silver cones with red-dyed deer hair fringe, and a handwoven strap. Like his sister, he has a number of trade silver items, such as an armband and several bracelets. His ears are split and the outer lobe is wrapped with silver wire. He has a number of tattoos and has painted himself with vermillion mixed with bear grease for decoration (the bear grease also helps keep away bugs).
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