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Fashion - Beauty Ritual by MauserGirl Fashion - Beauty Ritual by MauserGirl
Today, most girls wear lip gloss and eye shadow and curl their hair. This 1760's Mohawk girl is applying her time period's makeup fashion - vermillion paste to color the part in her hair, her hair line, tops of the ears, and cheeks.

Her outfit and makeup are largely based on period descriptions of Eastern Woodlands Indians found in the books "Their Bearing Is Noble and Proud", volumes I and II, by James O'Neil. O'Neil collected period accounts, including lists of trade goods, and the writings of captives, traders and travelers, describing Native tribes' appearance and clothing.

The Mohawk girl here is wearing a pair of moccasins made from elk hide, tied with a length of silk ribbon, which was a common trade item. She is using the same type of ribbon on the bottom edge of her skirt and also to club her hair. She is wearing silver ball and cone earrings and a silver bracelet, as well as two trade bead necklaces. Her wrap skirt is made from blue wool broadcloth. Her shirt is a calico (printed) cotton. She is holding a small mirror in a wooden frame painted with milk paint, a very popular item for trade, and her vermillion is stored in a birch bark container with a small wooden lid.
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