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Saturn V


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Saturn V


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Chapter 3: Gunn Emplacement

Dr. Mauser: Red on Red

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Rocket Man

Rocket Man - a Dr. Mauser Short ©2015 Richard Alan Chandler "He went this way! Don't let him get away!" Agent Thorson Hammarskald of S.M.A.S.H. shouted to his teammates as he pounded down the hallway after Dr. Mauser. Hammarskald was the best they had, strong and intelligent, and a natural leader. He was the one who noticed the flashing amber strobe lights of the intruder alerts actually flashed in a sequence indicating escape routes. Dr. Mauser was a slippery bastard, always eluding the Forces of Justice that set out to capture the Evil Scientist, often turning the tables on his foes in tragic and humiliating ways. But not this time,

Dr. Mauser stories

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Dr. M - Non cannon

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Kustom Kittenz character list

Kustom Kittenz The adventures of the Kit Kat Kar Klub (K-4) The girls Monique Morales -  "Miss Moneykitty"  - Owner of Kitty's Kustom Kars (only three K's!  eek!).  She formed the Kit Kats, starting with a few of the girls she recruited from her staff, and a few associated folks.  The idea was not only to promote her shop, but also to have a real club, so they could do cars for themselves, not just her customers. Since she's bankrolling the whole thing, she's in charge, but she's not a dictator about it.  Except she had this idea about giving everybody "Official Team Names", which some of them like, and which some of them hate. Staffers

Kustom Kittenz

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Saturn V


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Car Fob Holster


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Gantz Kat by Suichi Tanaka


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Three Chairs


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