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weekend at the beach! EQG color

By mauroz
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weekend at the beach! by mauroz
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their origincal color and in night very beautiful the night really adds a new feel to ut

MonsterFan50's avatar

Bella luz del firmamento.

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Still adorable, sexy, gorgeous, etc., but does Sunset look like Starfire to anyone else or is it just me?

lunis's avatar

Very similar color palettes. I can see it.

A-Ron1990's avatar

So glad I'm not the only one.

esh123t's avatar

Beach night !!!!!:D mane 6 and cmc best beach night ever :love:

transfor45's avatar

le sienta mejor el recolor ^^

MarcXangArt's avatar

Me sigue gustando el traje de huevito de Pinkie Egg - FREE ICON de Twilight me llama la atención que tenga un corbatin en su traje de baño

Rizarus's avatar

This looks so beauitufl too.

NISAN2's avatar

Miren el pajarito

tigreanpony's avatar

I like the non EqG colors, still very nicely done.

Pony4Koma's avatar

I only now noticed how over the top their swimsuit designs are!

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"By night one way. By day another. This shall be the norm Until you find true love's first kiss And then take love's true form."

NISAN2's avatar

Law and ogre

NintenCano's avatar

I like to think that the full moon makes them change the color of their skin 😆

Applejack, Sunset, Sweetie, Scootaloo and Fluttershy are my favorites in this version.

I really like Sunset's blue bikini more than the original version 💕

Thanks a lot Mauroz senpai.

AceWissle's avatar

Yep, still gorgeous!

urzapw2000's avatar

super pretty!!

wonderful picture!!

warwolf89's avatar

oye, podrias hacer una escala comparativa sobre el orden de quien tiene las tetas más grandes en el grupo?

rowdawg69's avatar
On the contrary Applejack has normal white people skin.
warwolf89's avatar

buen cambio de colores, en especial con rarity, ese bikini rojo y negro me recordó a su versión demoniaca que dibujaste en halloween

PeliFanArt's avatar

Pinkie-San Rosa OMG I LOVE IT plz Sanji OP Icon 4

This-is-amazing-work's avatar

Dam, looking at Applebloom would hurt my eyes. now thats just too bright.

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Lucky Spike.....

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