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Star vs. the Forces of Evil


english translation by  :iconfirafights:     :

It's been a long time since I made a fanart of any series other than MLP, so I wanted to do this from Star vs. the Forces of Evil 
I have not seen much of this series but what little I have seen, I think a good series XD. 
I hope it looked good ^^

hace tiempo que no hacia un fanart de alguna serie que no sea MLP así que quise hacer este de Star vs. the Forces of Evil
no e visto mucho de esta serie pero lo poco que eh visto , me parece una buena serie XD.
espero que haya quedado bien ^^
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Muy bueno. Me encantó mucho los detalles.

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Ay no puede ser, amodoro este shipp :3

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You Made Marco Look Really Good!
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Star has finally ended
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Coolest fanart I've seen all month
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Damn that color!
Yeah, this pretty much sums up Marco's and Star's relationship. She's crazy with the magic, and he's just trying to keep her from hurting herself most of the time...
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Wow, this is still a popular drawing. I can't believe Season 3 is almost over :O
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Colorful and fun; just like the show itself. Lovely work!
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That looks really good! Keep up the effort!
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Woah man, you should go easy on the spoilers, at least give a warning the next time. Not everyone has seen this series or haven't gone that far Unimpressed 
EmeraldL0L's avatar
Oh shoot that’s right. Sorry! I’ll hide my comment. -o-
LulystalgiaNature's avatar
I thankfully watched the episode when it aired, so no harm done here, but I would've been a little upset if something as big like that got spoiled. That's why I avoid sites like YouTube until I can see the episodes. Sometimes you get spoiled even before seeing the video. Be more careful next time.
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Alright I got the message thanks :3
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Woah, that's... Woah.
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Wow!! I love this art! This is so amazing! Star x Marco for life. BEST SHIP EVEER!
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