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Friendship Is Magic 07 P2

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Thanks!! :icontruemadayar:  (the translation into English)^^

here special halloween:…

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Chapter 7 p2  hope you like it ^^

sorry for the delay n_nU
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As far as the Twilight/Big Mac ship goes, this is the first MLP ship I've seen that develops believably, makes sense and is so well done.
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ControlledChaosTeamStudent Digital Artist
I love that in this world, Pinkie is basically the slut of the group. And in the original, it was Rarity. Ha!
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HelmutMastersHobbyist General Artist
Did Rainbow just say Mother’s?
fotland42's avatar
If she were a burglar, she'd be a rather inept one to fall off the gate as she tries to go over it in the open in broad daylight.
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UnderSwap7Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know who that iiiissssss.....
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matmax426Hobbyist Traditional Artist
AJ is a very hard Apple to bite... Big Mac is really hendsome, and Twi like this :D But Apple Bloom is most cute, adorable and sweet thing on this part <3 Shes amazing :)
Dude, You are grate! And stop saying You are not profesional :p
Mooful-Milk's avatar
Childhood rainbow is so cute and childhood gilda was funny when she kicked the bullies' butts.
Mooful-Milk's avatar
In FIM, rainbow was the one who stood up for gilda, not the other way around.
Mooful-Milk's avatar
The book the bullies took from rainbow when they were 6 was a daring do book!
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PapyJr13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Childhood of Gilda is adorable ^^

Applebloom is so cute !!

Danger !! Danger !! Fluttershy is angry !!
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ShenronnHobbyist General Artist
Sorry Twilight but Lauren Faust said Big Mac is gay
PapyJr13's avatar
PapyJr13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
it's true ?
Shenronn's avatar
ShenronnHobbyist General Artist
This is late but Lauren says so on her Twitter account
Dechstreme's avatar
DechstremeHobbyist General Artist
No it's not.
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PixelBlujayStudent Artist
Okay my comments about this:
One, Gilda and Dash as kids.... AAHHHH SO ADORABLE, and so sweet
Two, oh dear Fluttershy reminds me of someone else that I dont to bring subject of meat 0-0
Three, Pinkie you traitor XD, and Dash be like "If I die, Im taking you with me!" XD
Four, ship ship ship eue
Five, Applebloom tthe the future she will be Queen of Shippers XD
And the rest,..AWESOME
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I see that Twilight is the boyfriend stealer 
First Flash now Mac
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Great comic series these are :nod:
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I love what I'm reading so far. What you are doing with Big Mac is exactly what the writers of the show should have done.
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XD thanks ^^
Drjeesh's avatar
Your Welcome, I cant wait to read more let me know when you finish some chapters.
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that a girl apple bloom
get them together
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o.m.g big mac!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps i hope this is a twimac shipper
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Ok, revising my comment on the last issue:

Applebloom and Spike are yes in fact in the same grade, so assuming Scootaloo is too, Spike is most likely in the 9-10 range to. I was correct on Big Mac at least being 18, seeing as how he is revealed to be about 19 here. Based on Gilda's statement about Rainbow being a midget. I think she really is just small for her age. Plus Gilda looks older than her anyway, so that almost confirms it. 

P.S. Wasn't it that Twilight was trying to climb up and then came down when Big Mac suggested the doorbell? In this issue, it shows that Twilight fell and Big Mac caught her. Not that it's too important to the story or anything, but I just wanted to point out the change.
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MinecraftbronieStudent Artist
Ugh, Fluttershy, just let people eat meat..
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