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FM: break! by mauroz, visual art

Happy 2021

welcome 2021: I have faith in you! by mauroz, visual art

Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas 2020 by mauroz, visual art


Eternal Love: Rarity/Spike by mauroz, visual art

halloween special

Friendship Is Magic: halloween special by mauroz, visual art


Capitulo 0- piloto by transfor45, literature

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I'm just someone who loves to draw and tell stories through comics.^^

for those who wish to donate. And once again I thank those who have donated in patreon for real, which helps me a lot to continue making the comic and for free, which is what I want XD

and for those who have facebook: Mauroz: FM on that page from time to time I publish drawings.

thanks again ^^

solo soy alguien que le encanta dibujar y contar historias por medio de comics ^^

para los que deseen donar. y una vez mas les agradezco a los que han donado en patreon de verdad que me ayuda mucho para seguir haciendo el comic y de forma gratuita que es lo que deseo XD

y para los que tengan facebook:   Mauroz : FM    en esa pagina de vez en cuando publico dibujos.  nuevamente gracias ^^

Friendship is Magic

FM: magnanimous harmony
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hola. debido a que he estado presentando muchos dibujos de comision. para quienes estén preocupados si esto le quita el tiempo a la creación de la siguiente parte del comic. no se preocupen. estoy continuando el comic. ya que tambien me interesa terminarlo ya que este capitulo es quizas el mas importante de todos. como adelanto esta primera parte del capitulo se centrara mas en la entretención y no en la acción. ya verán XD. como adelanto la primera pagina con los textos (sin corregir y sujeto a cambios XD). cuídense y nos vemos ^^
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translation by Vatobot17 Hello. Since December, I have been publishing the Friendship is Magic comic on Webtoon in case anyone wanted to stop by and read it again (so as to pass the time and not miss anything in the final part of Chapter 10. I publish each chapter on the weekends) and also to support me if they wanted to XD and thus make this humble comic grow ^^: I am also thinking about posting the Kingdom Hearts: Door Chaos comic (at least what I can publish so that there are more things on my profile XD), and if it is supported enough, I will also continue it and pick up from where it was last left off years ago after I stopped updating it. Bye and thank you for everything ^^.
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Translation: Zim999 Hello as promised (because I won the option YES in the survey I did yesterday) I have decided to give some information about my version of Applejack. It should be noted that it will not be something complete, I will only detail some things to leave the rest in the comic (some things will be repeated in the comic but better explained and located in history) It is also important to say that I will not say information that directly influences important issues such as the reason for her denial and the way to bring her to the team since that is direct information from the plot that unfolds in the comic (that is, pure spoiler
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Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Custom Section

Aerith and Tifa: FF7 remake

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tengo una pregunta cuanto es la tarifa para las comisiones y acaso también está permitido comisiones para agregar contenido al cómic por ejemplo un villano de la serie

The two ideas I have for a commison would have one of them with Meadowbrook and Somnambula and possibly Skystar as three giant 600 foot tall girls using a sports statium as a giant hot tub.

Another idea would have Princess Skystar as a 600 foot tall mermaid and human girl playing with cars on the golden gate bridge as a 800 foot tall girl with the bridge up to her belly button with Queen Novo walking up behind her and her being double Skystar's size

Princess Skystar as a 600 foot tall mermaid and human girl eating a seaside Cookie Factory that is up to her hips and below her belly button as she rips off the roof to eat what is inside of it or eat the cookie factory sign shaped like a cookie.

La princesa Skystar como una sirena de 600 pies de altura y una niña humana comiendo una fábrica de galletas junto al mar que le llega hasta las caderas y debajo del ombligo mientras arranca el techo para comer lo que hay dentro o comer el letrero de la fábrica de galletas con forma de galleta.

Or Princess Skystar smashing out of a hotel as she suddenly grows into a 200 foot tall girl Princesa Skystar saliendo de un hotel cuando de repente se convierte en una niña de 200 pies de altura

Las dos ideas que tengo para una comisión tendrían una de ellas con Meadowbrook y Somnambula y posiblemente Skystar como tres chicas gigantes de 600 pies de altura que usan un estadio deportivo como una bañera de hidromasaje gigante.Otra idea tendría a la Princesa Skystar como una sirena y humana de 600 pies de altura. niña jugando con autos en el puente golden gate como una niña de 800 pies de altura con el puente hasta el ombligo con la reina Novo caminando detrás de ella y siendo el doble del tamaño de Skystar

¿Cuánto costaría como dos ideas de comisión?

how much would it cost as two commission ideas?

been watching and reading your awesome comic series since you first started it! great job and keep up the awesome work! cant wait for more!

My favorite part is the relationship between Rainbow and Soarin! =D hope to see more sexy stuff between them in the future! :love:

anyways hope you have a wonderful day!

Seeing your works with My Little Pony as the background, it really makes me excited and remember my childhood. Exquisite! I really like!And I hope your comics keep going and keep working! Stay healthy!

Thank you very much, and I'm glad you like my work ^^

I hope more comics are in the way and more specials.

hi ^^ I will try to continue with the comic.