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Genius Mistress Cha Yuram

By Maurislave
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You were really excited to get onto Season Five of The Genius, though a bit insulted at being portrayed as 'the foreigner', with no other notable abilities... not that it wasn't somewhat accurate. Anyway, everyone was told before the first episode that the series' gimmick would be revealed during the first Death Match.

"Oh well", you thought, "at least I can focus on the first game. It can't be that hard, I always seem to work it out quickly when I watch the show..."

That's what you assumed, but it turns out when faced with a selection of your favourite celebrities from previous seasons you are somewhat distracted. Add that to your sub-par Korean and general lack of appreciation for their cultural norms, and you were easily thrown into last place by the winning alliance. Two of them protected each other from the Death Match with the winner's privilege, but there is one left for you to take revenge on. Yes, Cha Yuram, the beautiful pool player from Season One. You'd almost forgotten about her, but in your brief interactions you were once again reminded of her quick wit - not to mention the fact that she's even more resplendent up close.

You were reminded of that flawless visage again when you gave her the token to inform her she was going to the Death Match. She didn't look hurt, of that you were grateful. Instead, she smirked. "I expected as much. Don't worry, foreigner-oppa, I'll make it quick."

Haunted by those words, you leaned against the table, waiting for the announcer to inform you about the game...

"Tactical Pool!?" The indignant thought ran through your head, "This is rigged! I'm doomed! Wait, what was that word? Did he just say 'brainwashed'? Nah, it's just some Korean word I don't know. Oh, cool, when we pot a ball we can control the angle of their next shot. I wonder how that works... Oh well, at least I have a chance! And it's not based on other players so I won't get ganged up on." You walked away to think about tactics, not noticing the mixture of expressions on the other players, from mortified, to shocked, to a particularly evil smile on Yuram's face.

Half an hour later, as is customary, you walk into the centre room, now decked out with a small pool table, with five balls of each colour and a black. The cue ball has a weird pattern on it, and the lighting is quite technicolour. Yuram smiles at you from the other side of the room. "Ready to submit, then?"

You blush, clearly her masochist streak was edited out of the old seasons, and you certainly didn't expect that from this beautiful woman. Oh well, while you were in your reverie she handed you the cue, saying something about this being your last willing shot, or something. Again, the translation escapes you.

"Oh well, let's see if I can turn the tables on you..." You taunt, but the confidence falls off as soon as you looked at the ball. That's such a strange spiral pattern, but you focus on the red you're meant to hit. Of course, you haven't played pool since your college days, and the cue ball goes wildly off course, colliding off the walls of the table. But all you can notice is how the spiral pattern spins and reflects the flashing lights, of every colour of the rainbow. Strange, even looking at it makes it feel as if your head is spinning, and it's causing your blood to rush downwards. Just as you're wondering what happened, a soft voice breaks your concentration on the ball.

"That's a foul, oppa. I'll show you how it's done." Yuram winks as she snatches the cue from you, and expertly pots a yellow. You barely notice the ball roll down, though, as your eyes once again focus on the colourful spiral. They remain transfixed on it as she walks up behind you. "Now you know what happens next, don't you?"

You don't. All you know is that pretty ball, it's really hard to tear your eyes away, but you do. You turn to the beautiful celebrity, and the after-image of the spiral is now on her eyes.

"You will try to hit at that ball here." She points, but it barely feels like you hear the words. The spirals are on her eyes now, and you can only stare. The words have bypassed your ears. They've gone straight to your brain, you pick up the queue and get ready to do what your alluring opponent has asked. It's a bad shot, but does it matter? She asked you to do it, so you should.

You miss again, the shot was too hard, but you got to look at the pretty spiral again. Your eyes close without you noticing, the spiral burned into them. You don't need to see anything else except that.

You feel perfect skin brush past your arm as she takes the cue from your hands. "Missed again? I'll take it from here." You blink, she's there in front of you, even more beautiful in this strange lighting. The spirals are on her eyes again. You love the spirals. They're so pretty. You could stare at them all day. You are staring. They pull you in, and you can't take your eyes off hers as she executes another perfect shot. Perfect. Like her. She stands up again, you raise your head to follow.

"Now I'm gonna cheat a tiny bit and take another shot, but you don't mind, do you?"

Of course not, this way you don't need to take your eyes off her. You can keep staring. Keep falling into the spirals.

"Good, soon you'll be like that for every request."

That sounds nice. Just letting her do whatever she wants. You don't need to think this way. Just watch. Staring at the spirals is taking all your brain power anyway. She really is so beautiful. You take your eyes off her for just a moment, just to see the colourful spiral on the ball as it moves. You look back and now her eyes are colourful spirals.

"You're going to hit the ball here." She points, you look. Another impossible shot. Cha Yuram is so smart, making you miss like that. Such a perfect person. It's good that you obey her now.  Someone so flawless must be served in every way.

"Did I just hear you say 'I obey'?" She did. You don't mind. You want her to know you are at her service.

"Then I guess that makes me your Mistress, then?"

Yes it does, Mistress.
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As a huge fan of this show I was not expecting to see anything like this, but... it's fantastic! The scenario, character, pic, are perfect... More, please!
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Love the story
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