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Short transformation story
To any ones who want to pay me to make tf stories i will also take effort on making them very good 
How this works:
Don't pay me just send me a note with the tile commission and what you want me to do
What i do: Human to Anything tf 
What i don't do: Human to human tf
When i have finished your commission i will comment on you profile and if you respond i will send a note with the story, if it's good you pay me, if it's not, sorry i will remake it
so basically that is, also most side effects allowed +5 i mean nothing really :3
i need these things: 
Tf into:

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Derek's Journey: Black Version Prologue
I woke up in some sorts of a white void... I wasn't sure where I was, I looked around me... everything was white, it was like I was in some sorts of a void of emptiness.
"Were... where I am?"
I said trying to reach to anyone that was there... eventually, a voice responded, It sounded like a relatively old man, grave, deep, very menacing.
"So... you are here again... are you trying to do this again? Didn't you forgot what happened last time, didn't you?"
I didn't understand what he was saying, again? Last time? what was he talking about? But I processed to respond.
"Who are you? Where I am?"
After some minutes of silence, the voice spoke again.
"You forgot everything, it seems you don't record using your powers at all, understandable, for a beginner like you"
Once again his speech made no sense in my mind, I proceed to speak again.
"Just get me out of... whatever this place is!"
After a couple of minutes of silence, the voice spoke once more.
"Fine... you were the one who used your powe
:iconmaurili:Maurili 1 11
A normal cat night
Another normal day starts at Lumiose City in the Kalos region, Apollo, one of its residents just woke up, he's a beginner pokemon trainer,  he wore a blue t-shirt, blue pants and a pair of black sneakers, he didn't wear a hat and had black hair and brown eyes.
He got ready for exploring around the city at night and went out of his house.
Appolo went to the streets of Lumiose City, it was a very busy city, he knew a shortcut to the nearest pokecenter, it was in one of the various alleyways, he went into one of these and walked for a while.
While walking through the alleyway he found something shiny lying on the ground, a strange pendant with a blue stone on it, he picks the pendant up and looks at it, thinking it must be a rarity, he then proceeded and wore the strange pendant, and started to walk a little more... until he felt a little strange...
He looked at his fingers and they were growing specs of white fur, he screamed upon realizing this, trough the changes only continued as
:iconmaurili:Maurili 3 20
Delphox Tf - Custom icon edition by Maurili Delphox Tf - Custom icon edition :iconmaurili:Maurili 3 22 Lucario to Delphox TF by Maurili Lucario to Delphox TF :iconmaurili:Maurili 8 15
The evil moonlight
It was just another busy normal day in Hau'oli city in the region of Alola, cars were beeping, pedestrians were walking, and trainers were training. 
Among these trainers, was Blake, a new trainer that recently just started his journey trough Alola, he had his trusty Litten at his side, and some other pokemon he caught, today was the day he was going to partake on his first trial, but first he wanted to see the trial site, the verdant cavern, usually people are not allowed in unless they clear the trial, but at this late at night no one was on security duty, so Blake sneaked around the trial site, until he went near the totem's den, that was curetly sleeping, Blake wasnt going to cheat to win, he was just taking notes on the place, he lokked up to the sky to see the full moon was shining brighly... 
Suddenly he heard the totem pokemon roaring... he wasn't sure if it would wake up but he would better go out of there now, then all of sudden a small Pokemon appear
:iconmaurili:Maurili 4 28
An very precise weather report
Today was just like any day for Alton, he's a TV station broadcaster, he always aired in the weather report as part of the news, he was famous all around the region, today Alton was just going back from his work in his limousine, he entered his apartment and rested on the sofa... but then all of sudden his cellphone beeped with a strange message...
"Hello, you must be Alton, we are from the weather institute, we congratulate you on your hard work as a person who just delivers the news, though we are currently now short on research materials so we wish you to help us with research, what you say? answer with YES or NO." 
Alton questioned the origins of such message but something inside him told him that it must not hurt to try... he responded the message with a YES, instantly receiving a reply.
"Thank you, your transformation will begin soon."
Alton wasn't sure what the message said about "transformation" but he began to feel strange...
"What... is this some
:iconmaurili:Maurili 3 77
Derek Delphox TF - Fullbody by Maurili Derek Delphox TF - Fullbody :iconmaurili:Maurili 13 4 Derek Delphox TF - Mini by Maurili Derek Delphox TF - Mini :iconmaurili:Maurili 6 0
Sweet fragrance
Anthony is just an average dude, he's a well-known biologist, researching animals and pokemon alike, he's also well know between the ladies as a beautiful man, today he's exploring the woods nearby for reports of a strange, but good smell there, probably produced by some sorts of pokemon, if he find the pokemon out, maybe he cloud refine its aroma into a perfume to sell to everyone, so he prepared his biologist kit, and walked through the woods.
"Uh nothing seems to be around, maybe the reports are fake?".
He said as he continued strolling through the woods, he then saw a cave in the distance and...
*sniff... sniff* "yeah defiantly there's a strong sweet smell is coming from inside that cave... the pokemon must be around there".
He said as he walked through the cave, the nice smell only becoming stronger as he progressed, hen then arrived at the end of the cave... no signal of any pokemon there, only a strange item on the ground.
"Uh, what is this item? it looks lik
:iconmaurili:Maurili 5 14
Idol Power: Queen Bee
“Zzzzz.... I am a bee, a worker bee, working all day and night to keep our honeycomb intact”.
“This is going to be just another day... going out of the honeycomb... Collecting pollen, and bringing it back here to transform it into nectar".
The bee then flies out of the honeycomb, searching for flowers to take nectar from... She then saw some perfect yellow flowers, slowly, she lands on then, taking the pollen out of then with her's mouth.
"there we go, perfect nectar for building our honeycomb..."
She then saw something between the bushes near... It emitted a strong... Sweet smell...
"Must... Go ... To it!!!"
She then immediately flies to the strange object, called by its sweet smell... the object looked like a strange idol-statue thing but she didn't care about that, as she landed into the idol, because of its nice captivating smell.
"So... nice..."
However, her peace would as soon be broken as she heard a stran
:iconmaurili:Maurili 8 10
The Defender of earth
Carlos was just your average 20 years old man, he was the owner of a very big company that was an electricity company, they specialised in Thermal Power Plants, you know, the ones that the pollute more of the world, is estimated that Carlos is responsible for at least 1% of the world's deforestation, he was just in one of his various wood cutting facilities after a day's work of watching people cutting trees.
"even after all this time it never ceases to amaze me that the trees fall so fast".
He said proudly of himself, and then, all of sudden he saw a strange green light coming from the woods.
"What is that? Did someone leave some equipment off into the woods? I must pick it up before I lose millions of dollars".
He said as he walks into the forest, after a 3-minute walk he saw what was emitting the light, a strange cube-shaped object.
"What is this strange object? I don't know but it looks it would be valuable"
He says as the cube glows even more and then... it exploded in his hands,
:iconmaurili:Maurili 3 13
Poketrix by Maurili Poketrix :iconmaurili:Maurili 4 34 Pheelin  Phoxier by Maurili Pheelin Phoxier :iconmaurili:Maurili 21 8
The Eletrick Sheep Curse
Nina was a Pokemon trainer, she loved exploring the world and also loved exploring ancient temples forgotten by Pokemon story, she usually went with just her Garchomp at her side, one of these temples was known as the temple of the sheep, an ancient temple dedicated to a pretty normal Pokemon, Ampharos, know for helping people find their home in ancient times, Nina enter in the temple followed by her Garchomp.
the temple was indeed full of Ampharos statues and symbols on the wall.
Nina was talking while walking through the temple.
Nina: What a strange temple... let's explore around some more.
She said as she eventually finds an altar with a small golden Ampharos statue.
Nina: What a beautiful little statue let me pick it up.
Nina then picked up the small golden statue nothing really happened after that so she decided to go out of the temple she then turned away from the altar and then a strange voice filled the temple.
Nina was scared off by the strange v
:iconmaurili:Maurili 7 10
Strange dreams tf rp
After another long normal day you decide to sleep and... eventually sleep deeply...
you then have a very strange dream...
You see you are sitting ok a chair next to a table with a strange man in the other side, it starts to talk with you.
"Hello, welcome don't worry you are currently dreaming in the real world, my name? humans call me a lot of things for now call me Voice, in any case I have called you there to tell you the word is in danger, an evil force wants to take over the world of humans, I can't stop it directly so... I called a human out of random to become the hero, I won't tell you much because it's not the time to do so, first I want you to choose one of these stones"
He proceeded and put four orbs on the table
"Choose one, of course I will tell you what they are, not completely trough, if you want anything... specific tell me I can do it maybe hehehe"
You can look at the orbs colors... red, blue, white and black.
"Choose wisely Hehehehe"
:iconmaurili:Maurili 6 702
Restaurant tf rp by Maurili Restaurant tf rp :iconmaurili:Maurili 4 523


Morgana Spotted by she-ya-pin Morgana Spotted :iconshe-ya-pin:she-ya-pin 6 1 Morgana by she-ya-pin Morgana :iconshe-ya-pin:she-ya-pin 8 3 Morgana Transform Pose by she-ya-pin Morgana Transform Pose :iconshe-ya-pin:she-ya-pin 2 3 Please Help Me... by BoooooyahX Please Help Me... :iconboooooyahx:BoooooyahX 49 75 It's just a possibility. by lordmetaknight It's just a possibility. :iconlordmetaknight:lordmetaknight 3 5 Happiness is closer than you think. by lordmetaknight Happiness is closer than you think. :iconlordmetaknight:lordmetaknight 2 1 I knew you were crying out for help. by lordmetaknight I knew you were crying out for help. :iconlordmetaknight:lordmetaknight 2 3 Maurili by gabriele1205 Maurili :icongabriele1205:gabriele1205 1 3 Skuntank Transformation by Bronytwin02 Skuntank Transformation :iconbronytwin02:Bronytwin02 4 0 I Don't...Understand...(Pokemon Card Naganadel Tf) by BoooooyahX I Don't...Understand...(Pokemon Card Naganadel Tf) :iconboooooyahx:BoooooyahX 28 18 H-help! Anyone Please Help! by BoooooyahX H-help! Anyone Please Help! :iconboooooyahx:BoooooyahX 50 49 Seeker of Ideals by BoooooyahX Seeker of Ideals :iconboooooyahx:BoooooyahX 45 24 'Not a Heart of Gold' Traditional Version by BoooooyahX 'Not a Heart of Gold' Traditional Version :iconboooooyahx:BoooooyahX 47 27 Malamar tf by Fengune Malamar tf :iconfengune:Fengune 1 2 Dragon transformation - request by IVISEK Dragon transformation - request :iconivisek:IVISEK 18 0 Ultra Megalopocalypse: Dulse's Shiny Naganadel TF by FezMangaka Ultra Megalopocalypse: Dulse's Shiny Naganadel TF :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 103 13



*wears a Delphox costume*
"I am the all powerfull Delphox-Man!"
i dont fell joy in doing rps or tfs anymore...
i think something must be wrong with me
I decided to list the powers of my ocs

Derek Elwood: SHIFT and Mind Hack.

George Elwood: Atomic Manipulation, Includes: Photon Rays, Heat Waves (Microwaves), Radiation, Disintegration, Intangibility (by using the space between atoms), Bodily Travel Between Time/Space.
Just learned that 
Nier:automata is in truth Drakengard 4
mind blown 
I decided to list the powers of my ocs

Derek Elwood: SHIFT and Mind Hack.

George Elwood: Atomic Manipulation, Includes: Photon Rays, Heat Waves (Microwaves), Radiation, Disintegration, Intangibility (by using the space between atoms), Bodily Travel Between Time/Space.


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For future (maybe) commissions and to me to test out core for 3 months (let me see if it's worth the money) our just people who wanna give me points ("money")

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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hello! my name is... Maurili! (that's not my real name of course) i am a fan of writing stuff (a lot ,i can not draw well so do not even ask me to draw something) i am a student, i live in Brazil, and i am Brazilian.
I know tree languages: PT-BR, English, and Spanish.
i have a diploma in advanced English, so speak English with me okay?
I have two mental illnesses: Hyperactivity syndrome and autism so plz have patience whit me and understand anything i do bad it's because is of my problems

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