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Web2.0-ish Graphics

:wave: Hello everyone

This is a reaaaally quick tutorial. Have you ever seen those cool buttons on site like youtube? You can do better ones with this quick guide.

I hope you enjoy!

I made it using Camtasia Studio. One of the best things I ever bought. (After Cod4 :D)

If you would like to suggest an specific tutorial, please drop me a note and I'll see if it's possible do it.

:bow: thanks for all the support
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Thanks!!! Was AMAZED from start to finish!!! :)
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is amazing...
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I know this is like, three years later.. b-but thank you! This helped me so much. I just had to say that. :) Kudos! Keep up the good work! A-and thank you again!
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you are awesome PS user!
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Since I don't have a subscription I can't write you a critique so I'll do it like this:

First I had small doubts about your tutorial only because I watched one before yours so I was assuming it will be the same but the more I watched the more I realized that what you were showing in your video was something more complicated and yet so easy to do. With a few clicks and adjustments in Photoshop you were able to give us a look into how to create something that SO many of us thought would be complicated to make. So I'd like to thank you for creating this tutorial and helping us learn that even the most complicated-looking things can be so easy to create!
Thank you. A very informative tut.
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wow really awesome tut.
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I find this tutorial very helpful, I do recommend this to anyone who want to make their own buttons. :)
Manicho, just're a Design Eminence, congratulations and thanks for sharing your tutorials :D

I want to be your apprentice, add me to email to talk with you:

would be an honor ^_^
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show, its great
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very nice and simple tutorial...

like it alot, thanks!
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simpel but great!
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Thank you so much man, very clear and informative thanks again. 5/5 =P
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Juz wow... upload sum more tuts plz... Its very much helpful :)To learn new techniques...

Thanx 4 sharing :D
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manicho, u are a genius. I searched for that outer bevel effect for weeks. I just couldn't remember how to do that - or find that (I probably just searched for the wrong stuff because I didn't know how to put it in words what I was searching)

GENIUS! :w00t!:
i love you dude for a wonderful training.

keep it up.............
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