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A fast wallpaper pack I had from a long time ago. Soft pattern over a smooth gradient with some lights and shadows.

Comes with 5 flavours: Blue, Gray, Orange, Pink and "Skin"
Fits fullscreen and widescreen setups.

I hope u like these! :D
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I love the real wallpaper look, along with the de-saturated colors. The small - fine print pattern really makes a computer desktop look larger than it is. I'm going to try to use it for a soothing effect on our radio station's computers. Maybe it'll calm the dj's down a bit ^^ thanks a lot for making this great piece of art available for us! If you have any modern styled wallpapers that might fit well into a THai language radio station direct me there please! I'm always looking for the perfect wallpaper all over the place. Sorry I didn't put originality up very high, I've seen this style before but your execution of it was superb.Peace!