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The cutest snoring machine

Imagine the perfect moment I caught:
A beautiful friend of mine, on my bed... Resting.
The soft light of my lamp giving a warm soft look...
A subtle ambar light over her long blonde hair and lighting her cute face...
Her amazing lips inviting me to bite them.


She snoring like a giant truck. :ohnoes:

:D oh well, "perfection" doesn's exist. Especially in Ecuador :cries:

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es un flash o un reflector?
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I swear the prettiest girls snore the loudest. Hhahaha.. that's great.

Also, great shot.
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si es verdad, aqui especialmente no existe la perfeccion pero igual DAME TODO TU DINEROOOOOOOOOOO
aixerona's avatar
haha i love your title/ comment.
the lighting is so perfect there.
she's very pretty!
ronnvampire's avatar
How I wish there was Audio on this one :boogie:
lindsaydphotography's avatar
I'm in love with the lighting! It really looks like you've set up lights, very well done.
xmimivalentine's avatar
doesn't exist, but it looks perfect ;)
joe-cari's avatar
nice pic, and, hmm, nice friend :D
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:thumbsup: nice shot manichoman
CarolynViolet's avatar
Haha! I'm so glad i don't snore! :aww:
Beautiful photo! :D She looks so happy to be asleep
AndrewDBarker's avatar
She's gorgeous Manicho!

I think I'd be glad to put up with her snoring..

Besides.. she can't be anywhere near as bad as one of my very very good friends. He snores so loud, he shakes my desk when he's three feet away.
yuriofpoland's avatar
oh u must be right bout this lips :cry:

anyway, b-e-autiful !

(yep, I'm back! :| )
ewm's avatar
:lmao: I hope she doesn't see this ;)
mauricioestrella's avatar
:fear: I hope so... :giggle: Thanks for the visit and the comment hun! :blowkiss:
Dragon47's avatar
great shot, u know how to capture special moments
zemotion's avatar
woooh indeed. :P
AutoNimrod's avatar
looks great!! good job man!
chuletz's avatar
ohh pretty.. like she's inviting you to kiss.. :blowkiss:
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