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The Renovator Logo

Sneaky client. :paranoid:

I can't tell much about the company or the client, but I'm really happy with the result of this particular design. This logo is more iconic than conceptual. It might not appear "as simple as..." to the eye, but it captures the whole meaning of what was intended to execute through this design.

So... On this deviation you can see the logo brief I like to deliver to my clients so they can understand how many stages and what concepts involves the logo itself.

Don't worry if you can't read what the micro text says ;) It's mine anyway lol :lol:

:#1: I hope you like it. Comments welcome!
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I really love this logo concept. And the way you put it gives me an idea on how I should do logo's.

As a beginner, I can look at this work to see what I should be doing if I have a client and I need to make their logo exactly how they want it.

Plus, it's the perfect presentation to the Client who needs to know how work is going along. You can show them the process so that they can see how you took every one of their details into consideration.

Amazing job as always Manicho!

Beginners should look to you for how to be a great designer. I know I will.
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Wow, nice work.. ❤
Thanks for sharing ❤
Also you can find Free PSD Logo Templats at: ❤❤❤
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Nice work, 
You can also find Free PSD Logo Templates renewed daily here:
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The program where I can get Renovator?

thank you


Lida Wolf
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It's just amazing man!
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love the concept layout :)
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I like your idea of showing the customer that there is much more to it than they think!
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Really this logo wonderful! I congratulate. ;)
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great !!! this is really nice work
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great work....would you pleas let's read the brief... just to learn how to present the logo to other i love the steps you made and i wanna learn how to do like it :)
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Great Breakdown of the Process!
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u have a really good process :), luv it
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Me gusta, pero los bordes no son demasiado finos? Al agrandar o empequeñecer tal vez al ser un borde tan fino se acabe empastando e incluso desapareciendo no? Pregunto, no estoy seguro.

Por lo demás me gusta. Por cierto ¿cuál es la tipografía de la cabecera? No la del logo, sino la que pone "The Renovator logo design stages".

Sigue dándole Manicho ;)
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logo is nice but its too complex and when you make it smaller may users won't be able to see.

But nice work keep it up
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Esto no es un logo!
es una bonita composición, pero no logo!
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:P pos si no lo es, ni modo. jaja
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Hey man, really love your work, but i have a favor to ask, could you please send me this photo in a larger format? Or send me the text please? 'cause I want to know how the psychology behind this works:D.
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You could ripped off .. check this out [link]

they ripped off alot of logos from deviant art from different ppl here...!!
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