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Terms of use of my artwork

Since many people keeps asking me all the time about permissions and stuff like that, I thinks its better to post a couple of terms of usage for all the pieces of art in my gallery, except on the ones I'm particularly saying something else.

I NEVER watermark my art, because I really think the real art should be appreciated in all its dimensions, without anything that damages the concept or the piece itself. That doesn't mean you can take credit on it or something similar.

Anyway, the basic rules for the usage of my art are:

Internet Usage

  • You are free to use my artwork ANYWHERE on the internet, as long as you post a link to my deviantART gallery somehow

  • You are free to redistribute my art on forums, blogs or online magazines... Go ahead! Run!

  • You are NOT allowed to upload the artwork itself, you are allowed to upload a PREVIEW image only, and give a link to the official deviation here on my gallery.

  • You are NOT allowed to hotlink to the download file... Link the previous to the deviation itself.

  • You are NOT allowed to modify my works and repost them without my permission.

  • You are NOT allowed to say I'm ugly on the internet, although I am.

Personal Usage

  • You are free to use my artwork for ANYTHING you want.

Commercial Usage

  • Contact me via e-mail or note for details. Thank you!

Any doubts can be cleared, just leave a question here and I'll get back at you as fast as I can. :)
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I really like your worked.