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Espiro Pattern

Espiro is a pattern-wallpaper with subtle lights. The calm colors and funny shapes makes it look cool on the desktop! Give it a try and let me know if you like it :D

Made with my Wacom Bamboo and a cigarrete. 6 color variations.

Important: From now on, all my wallpapers will include 2 "resize" droplets I've created. To use these droplets, you need to have installed any version of Adobe Photoshop. Instructions bundled in the zip file (droplets works only for Windows users).
© 2007 - 2021 mauricioestrella
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I love the texture on this! I find it very elegant. The pattern is soothing to look at; the lighting and low contrast make it work very well as a background. It also does indeed have a "hand-made" feeling to it, not cold and machine-made. Wonderful. :)

I'm now auto-cycling every few minutes between the different colour versions... thank you for the wallpaper set!
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Me gustaron mucho, eres muy bueno
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why I'm discovering this work only now???

gorgeous!! REALLY!!
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... and people says that cigarettes are bad!!

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Great Work Man! :thumbsup:
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Can I create theme for nokia with this pattern ? :P It's great ! :)
I like the way you see the world of color....You are a such artist!!!!!
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really nice!! :D
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how can i use this pattern?
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:D Just download it and apply it as a wallpaper
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nice pattern~!
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Nice, simple, yet so original...
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It kind of reminds me of a kid-like setting. I likes. :D
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argh so simple and so nice
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Totally love it! <3 the graphite and gray versions especially.
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the resize didn't work here x(
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:O it didn't? Do you have Photoshop installed? :( It should work
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yes I have... cs3 x(
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sencillo el icon pero bakan, kien kreyera ke las kosas mas simples son las mas bakanes
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