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Aqua Revealed - PSD file

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This is a total update of my Open Source Aqua Wall, released a long time ago. Modify it like you want, it will fit any theme in any mac/pc at any resolution.

This wallpaper was made with vectored shapes, and you can use it at huge resolutions without ANY visible pixel.

The PSD (cs2) file includes several color variatios, effects and patterns. Make the layers visible and see how easy is to tweak them and get awesome results.

Hope you like it! Comments welcome :D
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maybe im doing it wrong, but when i change the colours and save it as anything but .psd, the color on the file isnt the color i changed it too - its darker and, idk a little grunge-eir.
I tried tweaking the web colors like you would for an animation but no dice.
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:wow: :+fav:
And by the way I used it here [link]
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Hhmhh, some quality work right there. ^_^
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How have I not seen this :O

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:D Thanks so much for the late fav, dear :hug:
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nice work man !
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May I use a derivative (but still heavily based on this) version as the default wallpaper for a school's PCs? We have over 350 laptops and desktops, with multiple resolutions and are looking for a simple, modern, uniform wallpaper for all of them. Obviously it being a vector means it can be modified for any res (I think we have 800x600, 1024x960, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1280x800, and 1280x764 screens...)

Obviously, this wouldn't be commercial use (only used within the school, and no profit related to use of the piece). Ideally I'd be able to use it without credit... a credit line on the edge of a wallpaper with a school logo doesn't really blend well. Thanks.
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Wow, that would be awesome. Dont worry at all about giving me credit for this work. This is an open-source release, so u can use it as you want. Even for commercial purposes. Its totally ok to me.

Thanks for appreciating my work. You can go ahead with your idea. :)
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Thanks very much. If you ever pop by King Edward's School, Witley in Surrey, England; look out for the desktop wallpaper!
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:D I'll try someday lol, thanks for using my work there. Have a good one! :wave:
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:D you are welcome. Thanks for commenting.
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great...the psd file is awesome...thanks for sharing :thumbsup:
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Glad u liked it man, thanks for the comment :D
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very useful, thanks
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Glad to hear that. Thanks for the comment :D
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