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Apple Seal Wallpaper Pack

A simple pattern + stripe + apple seal wall.
Includes 4 color variations.

Fullscreen and widescreen versions, as always.
I hope u like this! :D
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I like the gray version. It's the perfect background for working on color images and layouts. I've been looking for something like this.
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Thanks to share !!
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good creations !!
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I like how the wallpaper suggests apple is a luxury product based company. Thats my opinion lol.
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Buenismo el trabajo, me encanto!

Gracias :winner:
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absolut brilliant!!
wow, very nice. Keep up the good work
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I love the retro! And that pattern is awesome! And.. IT'S MAC!!!! ^^ Yay
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NICE... do u have this is PSD form?
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:) thanks, and no, I didnt save the psd for this one
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CRUD!! ur apple looks awesome!!
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Wow! its awesome....and thats bcuz the font you used...., for the long time I am looking for that font (Apple "Seal") ... where can I get the font ? what the name ? is this free or available for windows version ?
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:D thanks... the font is Myriad, available for free vía google.
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very nice :thanks:, los voy a usar :D
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:D cool! Gracias por comentar bro
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Holy hell, I can't believe I missed this. Insta:+fav: :D
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:) thanks for tha late fav. :D
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ohh thanks you :)
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i would like on 1280x1024 its posible?
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