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Angel of Light - Walls+Video

:#1: The first wallpaper pack of this year!

I've finished this one like... 3 weeks ago? Maybe more :D
I had the RAW video waiting for a quick editing and some minor adjustements, since I wanted to post a full tutorial.

I decided to include a "SpeedPaint" or "SpeedArt" video instead of the tutorial, due to the lack of time I'm experiencing.

I hope you enjoy! Thanks for all your support.

Oh! Also, thanks a lot to my friends that feature my works on Digg, JackRebel, GuiPulp, GuiStyles, HollywoodGui, Aqua-Soft, MacThemes, MacFree, Esfera, and many others! I appreciate that :hug:
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Er mer gerd she has no shirt
Still is really cool though
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Capturaste la esencia de un ángel en tu trabajo, hermoso :lol:
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How did you created that effect?
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Thiz amazing
congrats man :iconeeeeeplz:
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[link] lo encontre de casualidad
"requiem for a dream"
Man cual es el soundtrack o cancion de fondo del video me gusto jejeje
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[link] lo encontre de casualidad
"requiem for a dream"
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This wallpaper is amazing. Perfect choice for the stock photo. Candice Swanepoel is gorgeous.
As for the people complaining of lack of boobs. I think from the hair/figure alone, you can tell it's a female. Actually adding them in might detract from the piece. However, maybe faint lines or color shadow effects could be added to create the illusion of breasts.
Regardless, great work. I'd love to see other works done like this, perhaps of other Victoria's Secret models. May I suggest Miranda Kerr?
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I'm using it right now!
Thank you *___* :love:
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Thanks for a lesson.
Used music?
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where i can find tutorial for this one??
thx ...
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awesome work man
where did u find the stock?
Maniche wow! this wallpaper was very beautiful, you have talent! congratulations!

Incidentally, I can post this wallpaper (angel of light) in my blog? is, of course, put the appropriate credits and the source!

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Sure thing man. Go ahead.
really beautiful the darker the better for desktops darkest blue one my favorite
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did you use wacom tablet for line work?
its superb:)
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